10 Alternatives to Google Hangouts on Air

Google has an impressive resume of most impactful, successful concoctions. For instance, concoctions like Google Search and Google Docs are used by millions around the world daily.

But no business is perfect. Even the most aroused invention can fail if the market precisely doesn’t get into it. That’s why, over the last few years, Google has started to cut their damages and kill commodities that never relatively hit the mark.

Google Play Music, Google Glass, and now Google Hangouts on Air have been retired, which may come as a surprise to users who relied on these products.

Don’t worry, though–it’s not all bad news! While you may have lost your favorite live-streaming service, there are plenty of Google Hangouts on Air replacements.

What Was Google Hangouts on Air?

Google Hangouts on Air launched in 2012, with Google supplementing live-streaming and community factors to their already existing Hangouts platform.

At the time, it cleared perfect ability. Effective live-streaming services weren’t particularly well-designed, so Google had a big opening to establish themselves in this space.

Their plan worked for a while. Google managed to get President Obama and Pope Francis to live-stream on its platform. Combine this with a directory of solid carry pieces, and Google Hangouts on Air managed to attract quite a few users.

This usage didn’t last long, though, as the market began to flood with adversaries. Eventually, YouTube Live began to pick up steam, and live video was a more natural extension to that platform. Over time, it became clear Hangouts on Air should be absorbed by YouTube Live.

The 10 Alternatives to Google Hangouts on Air

Here’s a listing of ten Google Hangouts on Air replacements on the market. Whether you’re live-streaming a podcast, a Q& A, or your cook channel, you may find the tools you need here.

1. Be.Live

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Be.Live

Be.Live is a simple, reliable stream tool. If you’re looking to expand your public and reaching, Be.Live makes you stream on places like Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

You can sign up working your Facebook or Google details and quickly set up your river in either space.

Beyond that, there’s a surprisingly deep rank of customization in Be.Live’s presentation. When you start using Be.Live, you’ll be able to add your insignium, custom formulates, and branding hues to the stream.

If you want to go even further, you can add name labels and agendas to the lower third of the screen during your streams. You can even download your series in HD once they’re over and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whether you’re looking to stream on Facebook Live or YouTube Live, Be.Live could be a strong Google Hangouts on Air replacement. You “re trying” their basic plan for free to evaluation it out yourself.

2. Discord

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Discord

Discord is often seen as a gaming-centric platform. While there are certainly plenty of gamers using this work, what manufactures Discord stand out is their emphasis on two things: parish and transparency.

This is a live-streaming tool that works best if your community is already on Discord. This doesn’t mean it’s off-limits to you if your gathering doesn’t previously use it, but it may take some extra legwork to get people on board.

If your gathering and concoctions revolve around gaming, you want to try Discord. It causes streamers display video games they dally and the activities they’re engaging in. This is a phenomenal Google Hangouts on Air alternative if you’re looking for a path to engage with this demographic.

3. Zoom

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Zoom

At this phase, you’ve probably said something about Zoom. In fact, “zooming” seems to be the word used for video chatting, even if a different scaffold is being used! But there’s a good reason it’s on everyone’s mind: Zoom is a robust live-streaming product.

One of the most compelling phases of changing Google Hangouts on Air with Zoom Live is that many societies are already familiar with Zoom. Millions of people are using Zoom daily, whether for work, clas, or catching up with old friends.

Getting users to adopt an entirely new service or tool can be challenging , no matter how steadfast their own communities is. Zoom’s tier of friendship may make it easier to retain your public while you transition from Google Hangouts on Air.

Zoom offerings a variety of pieces like virtual paw farm and polling to keep your community employed. The knowledge that they let you stream your webinars and meets to multiple scaffolds simultaneously is just the icing on the cake.

4. Streamyard

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Streamyard

Streamyard is built around a simple idea: create an experience for live streamers that’s easy to learn and use.

This platform doesn’t ask you to download anything; it runs in your browser. If you already have a following on LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, you can live-stream to all of them applying Streamyard.

Streamyard recognizes intricacy prepares it difficult for streamers to connect with their communities. If you’re looking for a Google Hangouts on Air replacement that removes technical hindrances and limitations, this is a tool you’ll want to try.

With handy pieces like public explains popping up on screen and call to action buttons in your streams, Streamyard simplifies your live-streaming process so you can focus on what matters most: your audience.

5. Talky.io

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Talky.io

In the hunt for your Google Hangouts on Air alternative, you’re going to find lots of concoctions that promise to offer more. Countless alternatives predict more the characteristics and integration.

But Talky.io doesn’t go that approach. Instead, Talky address a smaller niche, focusing on providing a simple video chat implement designed for groups of up to 6 people.

What Talky deficiencies in peculiarities, it concludes up for with its candour and naturalnes of use. Using Talky is as simple as starting a conversation and sending your room link to the people you need to chat with.

In a sea of feature-heavy tools, Talky might seem underwhelming at first. But if you’re looking for a Google Hangouts on Air replacement anyone should be able to use, this may be a incredible option.

6. OBS Studio

Google Hangouts on Air alternative OBS Studio

For a lot of streamers, this is the gold standard of live-streaming tools. What forms OBS Studio so noteworthy? Simple: the customization.

Aside from has become a free, open-source software you can download and start using instantaneously, it’s sponsored by some of the biggest words in live-streaming. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch have all supported OBS Studio. It’s safe to say if you have a favorite streamer, they’re likely exercising this.

Who is OBS Studio for? Well, it’s technically for everyone looking to start live-streaming. This penetration becomes it such a potent tool, but it can also present some issues.

Think of it this route: OBS Studio is like Photoshop, with most other alternatives being more like Canva. OBS Studio is often a great implement for veterans of the live-streaming world and those not afraid to get their hands dirty.

7. Twitch

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Twitch

Speaking of noteworthy live-streaming implements, we can’t ignore the current king of the live-streaming world: Twitch.

The company that leant Mixer out of business, there’s no revoking Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming tools on the market. And while numerous meditate Twitch is a platform mainly about gaming, that’s not the case.

Businesses regularly promote their commodities on Twitch with marathons of sees. Art and thinking torrents has also begun to make the spotlight, with a ponderous emphasis on community engagement.

While it can be challenging to establish a spirit on the site, success on Twitch may make a big increase in your community size and caliber. It’s worth “re looking for” if you’re looking for a Google Hangouts on Air replacement.

8. Spreaker

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Spreaker

Spreaker does one thing, and they do it exceptionally well: it supports podcasts.

Whether you’re looking to host, compose, distribute, or even monetize your podcast, Spreaker has something for you.

The reason Spreaker determined the Google Hangouts on Air alternative roster is simple: there aren’t enough tools dedicated to podcast live-streamers. What really fixes Spreaker stand out is they go above and beyond for podcasters.

With Spreaker, you can publish your podcast swiftly and easily applying their Content Management System. From there, you can distribute your podcast across major podcast platforms.

Spreaker directs monetization, extremely, letting streamers auto-insert ads at any point in their podcasts.

If you’re serious about podcasting, Spreaker is a tool you should consider.

9. YouTube Live

Google Hangouts on Air alternative YouTube Live

If you’re wondering which of these implements Google wants you to use, it’s probably YouTube Live. Initially, Google tried to merge Google Hangouts on Air with YouTube Live, but the transition didn’t go incredibly well.

Still, there’s an appeal to using YouTube Live. Aside from the rich infrastructure YouTube and Google offer–plenty of the characteristics and a robust support system–live stream on YouTube is concluded simpler by one thing: the programme understands consumer expectations.

When consumers are on YouTube, they already expect to consume content. This represents when you cause live content for them to engage with, it’s probably an easy modulation for them to make.

Likewise, if you love the Google Hangouts on Air ecosystem, you’ll probably feel right at home in the relatively same YouTube Live ecosystem.

10. Facebook Live

Google Hangouts on Air alternative Facebook Live

As far as innovation starts, Facebook Live doesn’t volunteer much that YouTube Live and Twitch don’t. That said, Facebook Live does have one ace up their sleeve: when you stream on this stage, you have access to billionsof beings.

We can bicker about how impactful social media sites like Facebook have been in favourite culture, but one thing is for sure: everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook. This wants if you miss be made available to a massive audience, being on Facebook may be a good idea.

Their live stream implements aren’t as robust as others on this list, and the tools aren’t adapted to a particular industry or genre. But, Facebook has a reach that’s second to none.


Seeing your favorite live streaming platform vanish is forestalling. But there’s no reason to worry about the future of your material. As long as you’re willing to explore and adapt, you’re sure to find the right tool for your brand.

Gaming, cooking, and prowes flows have enormous community-focused tools like Twitch, Discord, and Talky.

Streamers looking for massive audiences and reach can use Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Whatever you’re looking for, you may find the freedom Google Hangouts on Air replacement right here.

What alternative to Google Hangouts on Air is your favorite?

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