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10 Free Google Tools All Content Marketers Should Use


10 free google tools all content marketers should use

If you consider yourself a content commerce professional, there’s a good chance you already use Google implements the see your life easier.

But regardless of how much ordeal you have and the results you’ve achieved in the past, you know there are always new ways to boost your performance.

Social media, just the freedom keyword implement, Google’s Keyword Planner, sharpening your search term — these things can all have a big impact on your magnitude and your success as a material sell pro.

Many beings look at Google and see nothing more than a search engine. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see your website at the top of the search engine giant’s arises, you can’t ignore the process for reaching this goal.

When it comes to content marketing, the tools you use, and the strategies you apply will significantly jolt the end result.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a content marketing beginner or have many years of experience under your loop, this upright could change your coming.

Below, I’ll discuss 10 free Google implements that all content purveyors should use.

You may not use all of these implements, and some might not suit your marketing policy. Even so, I’m confident that you’ll find one or two that can alter your coming for the better.

1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Are you seeking a tool that helps you find and target the best keywords for your business?

While there are many make their own choices, the Google Keyword Planner remains one of the best ways to conduct keyword research.

There’s a lot to like about this free tool, including the fact that it’s extremely simple to use.

As a content purveyor, you are able to ever be searching for keywords that can give your website or a particular blog post a boost.

My top suggestion for using this keyword tool is simple: experiment, experimentation, and then experiment some more.

The more rummages you run, the more you’ll understand how the tool drudgeries. Also, multiple explorations give you a better idea of which keywords best clothing your site.

For example, “content marketing” may be your primary keyword. In a perfect world, you’d rank among the priorities of Google for this term.

However, you know that this will be difficult. You also know that there are long-tail words that can increase your search results.

This tool helps you uncover these expressions. Check out this screenshot ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

google tools example google keyword planner

With this in mind, you now have a better idea of what to do next. Maybe you find that “b2b content marketing” is a keyword that builds ability for a future blog post.

At that station, you can plug the period, in as your primary keyword, to dig up even more long-tail ideas.

Even though Google Keyword Planner appears to be nothing more than a basic implement, it does everything right for content marketers who want to uncover keywords that can improve the bottom line: the search result it delivers.

Pro tip: If you demand more information, try a dedicated keyword planner like my tool Ubersuggest.

2. Google Analytics

What points have you rectified for your content marketing strategy?

If you don’t know the answer to this question , now’s the time to take a step back and reassess your situation.

If you’ve previously designated a few goals, there’s a good chance that many of them are based on search engine results and referred statistics. If so, you need to become familiar with the inner workings of Google Analytics.

No two parties use Google Analytics in the same manner. But, the authorities have various things to keep in mind if you’re a content marketing professional.

To start, you can use this tool to get an instant snapshot of your accomplishment over a particular period of time.

google tool example google analytics

This alone will give you a clear intuition of whether or not you’re on track to achieving your goals.

From now, you have the ability to dig deeper for more data.

google tools google analytics example

As you click-through to each section, you’ll find yourself excavating deeper and deeper. For speciman, I always enjoy checking out my crown pages for a particular time period.

google tool example GA dashboard

This gives me a clear idea of what’s working and what isn’t, in regards to topic pick, the type of content that I’m providing, and whether readers are affixing around to see what I have to say.

The more “youre using” Google Analytics, the easier it is to focus your time on the data that has the biggest impact on your site.

3. Google Search Console

Similar in many ways to Google Analytics, the time you spend with this free tool is never a waste.

There’s so much to learn from the Google Search Console. You could soon find yourself spend hours combing through data.

In addition to reviewing your site’s overall state, there are several interesting thing you can do with this tool.

My favorites are all listed under the Search Traffic drop-down ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

google tool google search console.

For example, Search Analytics allows you to quickly analyze your concert on Google Search.

google tools search analysis example

If you’ve ever wondered how your keywords are performing, you can click the Position box to learn more. This will show you the average position for all of the keywords that appear in Google Search.

google tools google position box

Content purveyors should become familiar with everything the Google Search Console can do for them. Even if you exclusively use it to track a few key metrics, it’s well worth it in the long run.

4. Google Trends

Do you find it difficult to continually generate fresh feelings for your blog and other material commerce possibilities?

There’s no affirming the fact that the search engine giant’s Keyword Planner adds hundreds of keywords related to your business and industry. Even so, this isn’t always good enough, when it comes to creating compelling content. In other oaths? You need another way to perform keyword research.

This is why I make it a habit of checking Google Trends, when I’m brainstorming brand-new blog ideas.

With this tool, you can explore any topic to see what’s trending. You can also view “stories trending now, ” to see if there’s anything that equals your industry and the coming that you want to take.

For example, the upcoming World Cup is sure to be a hot topic.

google tools use google trends

Is there a style to confine this into your blog or other material commerce struggles?

If you write about athletics, you know there’ll be plenty of information to keep you busy. But, even if you don’t, you can use Google Trends to help you get creative.

Sticking with the sample above, maybe you were able to write a blog post entitled: “How the World Cup is Using Marketing to Drive Views.”

With this entitle, you’re providing your audience with targeted information, while harnessing the dominance of a trending topic. It’s the best of both worlds.

You don’t need any suffer or much time to use this tool. Simply type in your topic and examine what Google spews out. From there, let your artistic liquids target you in the right direction.

5. Google Expanse

Content purveyors need a system for recording and tracking data. Furthermore, there is still eras when you want to share this information with other team members.

I’ve find Google Membrane to be one of the simplest and most efficient ways to record data, track alters, and collaborate with others.

Here’s an example. I’m often asked about the best way to track email outreach expeditions. While there are many software tools for this, some of which provide a high level of facets, some people don’t just wanted to part with the money.

While Google Membrane may not offer the exact same functionality as these tools, it’s still one of the best ways to remain organized. It still has slew of advanced aspects, such as the ability to create pivot tables and sort data.

As long as you’re on-board with the idea of regularly updating your spreadsheet, it’s powerful enough to have a positive impact on your content sell efforts.

Pro tip: you can also expend Google Sheets to create a to-do list, which is something most content marketers heavily rely on. Even with a basic inventory, you’ll ever have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish.

Google tools google sheets

6. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a Google tool that starts it easy to monitor the web for brand mentions, interesting new content, and news. Then, Google sends you an email once a day or once a week — your wish — with a notification if keywords you are interested in are mentioned.

In short-lived, Google Alerts spawns it easier to stay on top of word and new content without spending hours a day on social media.

For example, I could designate a Google Alert for my word:

Google tool example google alert

As a material marketer, I hint placing notifies for:

Your brand name Your personal name Key industry terms Major opponents

These alerts will assist you understand new trends fast and might even give you some enormous material to share on your social media directs.

7. Gmail

A large-scale part of content marketing is getting in style and staying in contacts with a variety of contacts.

There will be durations when you devote hours sharing a brand-new blog berth with influencers in your space. Since email is one of the best ways of doing so, you better be comfortable with the employment you’re using.

Gmail has long been my favorite email patient, thanks in huge responsibility to the built-in functionality. That tell me anything, there’s more to it than encounters the eye.

I use a variety of plugins to ensure that my Gmail account does exactly what I need. For illustration, WiseStamp assistances me to create a custom signature. Along with this, I use FollowUp.cc, so that I never forget to follow-up on an important email related to my content market efforts.

google tools example of email

You don’t have to use Gmail as your email provider, but I strongly indicate passing it a second look, if you’re open to making a change.

With so many plugins to choose from, you should be able to customize your inbox to meet your every need as a content purveyor. This alone can save you quite a bit of term and money.

Pro tip: Even if you prefer another email provider for daily communication with coworkers and patients, you can still use a Gmail account to carry out many aspects of your content market strategy.

8. Google My Business

For some firms, GMB isn’t a big deal. For others, such as regional professions, this is not something you don’t want to overlook.

With Google My Business, you can easily get a free business enumerate on Google. Better more, this gives you the opportunity to provide a variety of information, including, but not to restrict, your phone number, address, and business category.

The benefits of using Google My Business include ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

The opportunity to get your business in front of purchasers interested in what you have to offer.People can learn more about your companionship, based on the information that you provide.Use likeness to show how your company is unique.Show off customer evaluations.

Remember, there is more to content commerce than causing high quality blog posts.

Think about the word “content” for a second. Anything you write about your company and/ or anything you can share with others can be a big part of your content commerce plan.

Since Google My Business directories are front and center in the search results, you probably want to use this as part of your material market strategy.

google tool google my business example

9. Google Docs

If you stay current with my blog, you know I do my best to publish brand-new berths as often as possible.

There’s a lot that goes into creating high-quality blog uprights, so I’m always striving new ways to improve my efficiency.

While I’ve squandered numerous tools over the years, to improve efficiency, Google Docs remains one of my favorites. Not only is it free, but it’s unusually simple to use. On top of this, there are tons of features and plugins to experimentation with.

Here are some of the things that Google Docs as I work through the creation of a blog post ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Checks for spelling errors.Provides an accurate message count.Allows me to easily insert screenshots.Makes it simple to share the document with the rest of my squad, such as my editor.

As you know, a big part of content marketing is content creation. If you’re doing a lot of writing, make sure you’re 100% cozy with appropriate tools that you’re consuming.

There are other options out there, such a Microsoft Word, but Google Docs has been my top alternative for many years.

google tools use google doc for content marketing

10. Google Calendar

How do you unionize your daylight, as it relates to content marketing? What paces do you take to ensure that you’re maximizing the use of your time?

Google Calendar is one of the top organization tools among sell professionals. It doesn’t have all of the features included in some of the paid tools, but it affords more than enough to keep you on track at all periods.

Here are some of the ways that I like to use this free tool ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Create incidents for important sell tasks.Share my accessibility with crew members.Better understand “open spots” in my schedule, as this allows me to make the most of each day.

I don’t use Google Calendar as often as some of the other implements on this list, but it has definitely improved the way I plan my date.

As somebody who understands the demands placed on a marketing professional, I hint looking into what Google Calendar offers. It may improve the way that you operate.

google tools use google cal


With only 42 percent of B2B purveyors claiming they have a intelligent content commerce programme, it goes without saying that there’s ever room for improvement, from keyword research that can boost your search volume to using long-tail keywords in your blog affixes .

Personally, I enjoy every implement developed by Google. Some are more effective and strong than others, but each one deserves a second look.

Have you used any of these free Google implements to improve your material sell endeavours? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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