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15 Actionable Examples of Fashion Marketing


15 Actionable Examples of Fashion Marketing

From high fashion to a terrible sense of pattern, wherever we fall on the range, mode market comes our route online, on television, catalogs, billboards, window shopping, and more. We are bombarded with contents of what we should be wearing, and why.

If you’re on the marketing or auctions place of fad, how do you leverage your letter to reach the right buying audience? In this guide, let’s learn what way sell absolutely is and how to species your own strategy if you work in the mode domain.

What Is Fashion Marketing?

Because we interact so often with way commerce from the interests of consumers perspective, we may think we have a clear picture of what all goes into it. We may have some suggestion of what mode marketing is, but maybe we don’t understand all the logistics behind it.

Fashion marketing is about advertise and promoting fashion to the right market in various ways, from magazine to online, in-person to digital. Remember that it’s more than invests; it’s also accessories, including hats, shoes, jewelry, and outerwear, that help people connect with and showcase a certain style.

What Plan Fashion Marketing Apart From Marketing in Other Industry?

While any manufacture can leverage the wide world of market opportunities, fad marketing has its own unique practical inferences that may impact sure-fire market hand-pickeds.

Just like any kind of marketing, mode market has to start from a pain point, and there’s often kind of an obvious agony moment, as well as the deeper whys.

For instance, there’s hunger with food marketing, of course, but there’s also why you want to buy, cook, or ingest that meat.

Let’s switch back to manner market and think about that obvious station firstly. Fashion marketing does have a practical slope. We have to wear clothes. Fashion marketing tells us which ones we should wear.

Then there are the deeper whys. It’s not just about protecting your body from the elements. Style is about being part of a community and conveying something about yourself.That’s the story that firebrands can tell across their marketing campaigns .

As fashion marketers consider those agony extents and the same reasons of their buyers, they too have to think about seasonal the modifications and when buyers are primary to purchase for that next season.

They too have to stay ahead of style veers, while maintaining a balance with practical possible options for customers. Price objects are another tricky topic for style marketers. Fashion can range from thrifty and economical to high-end and palatial.

There’s a lot we can learn from luxury marketing, but it’s important to remember that fashion marketing can encompass a more congenial and all-inclusive market as well.

15 Examples of Great Fashion Marketing

There are many ways to get the word out about your mode label, but you can get a lot of tips from big-name firebrands that are out there.

1. Allbirds

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Allbirds

It’s hard to know what an item is going to look like on your own body when ordering the product online. Allbirds advertised an in-app, try-on experience. Using augmented reality, the try-on feature allows you to see what the shoes would look like on your own feet. To advertise this aspect, Allbirds made a social media ad series with a video showcasing how you can do a virtual try-on. The ad also speaks to the brand’s environmental causes.

2. Warby Parker

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Warby Parker

Warby Parker did something similar to help their clients get an idea of what their glass would look like on themselves before they seek. They formed an app-based, virtual try-on experience and a series of Tv ads to get the word out about the app. Since it’s a relatively new idea that many may not be as familiar with, the Tv ad shows how it cultivates and how purchasers can “try on” glasses to decide which ones to order.

3. Patagonia

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Patagonia

Patagonia too wanted to use their marketing efforts to speak to a certain cause greater than their own brand. To promote environmental an improved awareness and a better give of resources, they created a Worn Wear campaign. They took to the road and did a cross-country trip with a squad of people who could repair invests. People were invited to bring worn-out robes and “il give” brand-new man. These kinds of long-term marketing efforts are quite the undertaking, but the sense of giving back to the community, would be consistent with your brand’s logics, is something that any symbol could try, even on a local level.

4. Ted Baker

Ted Baker came up with an interactive list or lookbook, working a 360 -degree film experience. The video consists of various vignette scenes of a midcentury genealogy in their home and vicinity. The panoramas are relatively minimal to really showcase the clothes. It travelled along with a series of commercial-grade wording videos with the hashtag # MeetTheBakers. Even if you don’t have the Ted Baker budget, anyone could use videos to showcase their clothes on the whole family and foreground how they could be worn in daily, or fantasy, being.


Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - DKNY

DKNY leveraged the supremacy of hashtags and of having a brand consisting of four symbols, in their #DKNYStateofMind campaign. That hashtag became favourite among influencers, bloggers, and other content inventors. In addition to launching a new pipeline with this, they also utilized inspiring graphical messages, with the symbols D, K, N, and Y highlighted. It showcased who they are as a firebrand, both in their drapes and their message.

6. Everlane

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Everlane

One of the challenges of selling fashion is helping buyers understand how a piece would work in their clothe. Simply a single image in a catalog or on a ratify may not be reassuring fairly. Everlane established an influencer marketing campaign where they requested manner bloggers to create three reviews with their jumpsuit. This helped potential customers ascertain the versatility of their concoction, as well as the different women wearing them. Everlane shared these on social media, but they likewise got coverage on blogger websites, such as The Golden Girl Blog. This was great for SEO and backlinks for Everlane.

7. Nike

examples of great fashion marketing - nike

Sometimes it’s about more than selling shoes. Fashion marketing can sometimes take up effects or philosophies higher than time the clothes they are selling. Even when ads make such an approach, it’s about aspiration that is connected intrinsically to manner. We wear what we wear to send some kind of message.

Nike has long had a history of memorable ads, starting with “Just Do It” and leading to their Colin Kaepernick “Believe in Something” campaign. This kind of fashion marketing doesn’t definitely showcase the actual products, but they do get people talking, such as in this Forbes article. By taking a stand and creating a campaign around it, way brands can align themselves with a certain ambition or way of thinking that may convince consumers to buy and wear their commodities to align with that duty, very.

8. Lululemon

examples of great fashion marketing - lululemon

In a same fad( pun intended) to Nike’s stances, Lululemon has leveraged local communities to build their firebrand. They talk about believing in what their athletic wear is capable of helping people do by living the life they crave.

They use their social media platforms to establish that community, sharing ideas and tips-off and allowing others to share their experiences through their ambassador program. In that vein, they use those platforms not just to share their clothes, but to share specifications they expect from themselves and those in their community. It’s a behavior of leveraging aspirational market, like Nike does, in a welcoming, all-inclusive manner.

9. Boden

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Boden

When it comes to fashion marketing, sometimes it’s about being there at the best time, with the right offering. In other messages, continuing it simple can be some of the most effective fashion marketing. Here’s an example of a Boden Facebook post highlighting their swimsuits with beachy portraits. This ran in April just as spring is starting to warm and people are starting to dream about summer trips and beach projects. Visualizing this pole in this season, with that rebate incentive may have daydreamers clicking through.

10. Threadless

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Threadless

Social media campaigns are too a great way to tell your brand story. In fashion marketing, the floor behind the products can be as important as the products themselves. Explain to buyers how commodities came to be, including the design process and the make. People want to know where their invests and supplements come from and are intrigued by interesting tales. Threadless expends its social media poles to talk about its work with independent creators in creating unique product lines. People who are seeking a different ogle, and who too want to support independent creators, will reverberate with that legend.

11. Levi’s

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Threadless

We’ve talked about fashion marketing in regard to goals and bigger thinking as well as telling firebrand floors. Levi’s has built a campaign around its water-saving values. They developed a mark around their procedures announced Water website and social media.

12. Kotn

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Kotn

Another way to leverage word-of-mouth marketing is to share reviews from customers. In a sponsored Facebook post

13. Atlas Supply

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Atlas Supply

Getting consumers involved with a brand is a component of fashion marketing. Customers can grow loyal to certain fashion brands they believe in and with whose values they align

14. Tommy Hilfiger

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Tommy Hilfiger

Sometimes fashion marketing is about being cutting edge

15. ThredUP

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - ThredUp

As discussed


Fashion marketing covers a wide range of brands

E-commerce fashion marketing touches on everything from the actual products to aspirations and greater causes. Consumers can hear from loyal customers about what they love about your products

Are you a fashion brand looking for help with your strategy? Our agency can help with everything from SEO to social and paid campaigns. Reach out if you want to hear more.

What new fashion marketing idea are you ready to try for your brand?

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