20 Creative YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re looking for YouTube video ideas to make an impact on YouTube or other scaffolds, you’re in the right place.

Videos are a strong tool for marketing and advertising, but unfortunately, there’s no secret formula for being successful with videos. What here i am, nonetheless, is slew of opportunity for success if you can be inventive, authentic, and target your proper audience.

It’s no surprise that there’s been a spike in YouTube video consumption during the past year. 73% of adults in the U.S utilization YouTube and, on average, each YouTube visitor spends 11 m 24 s per epoch watching videos. Many of these are ones suggested to them by the YouTube algorithm, formerly they’ve stopped watching the original video they selected.

Another reason YouTube viewing has spiked is that consumers stopped limiting themselves to Tv and started devouring videos in other styles; chiefly via YouTube, though there are other favourite video streaming platforms.

Furthermore, useds search on YouTube for solutions to questions the same way they do on Google. Another favourite expend of YouTube is to learn and get detailed information about products and brands via produce reviews.

That’s what a post from the Think With Google platform, information sources for sell veer revelations, shows.

In an environment full of opportunities for businesses, the financiers who take the lead are those who know how to use the online medium to see artistic and requesting material. That is , not just sell products and services.

Do you want to travel this wave, but don’t know exactly how?

You’ve come to the right place!

Don’t miss all the YouTube video thoughts I have for you.

20 Great YouTube Video Ideas

20 Great YouTube Video Ideas - shot of someone recording

To help you think of hypothesis for instructive or funny videos to create, I am going to list some insights in this article.

Feel free to use those that impel the most sense for you and your business.

Check out the YouTube video theories below, and likewise suggestions of cool themes for videos that can go with these ideas.

1. Explainer Videos

Videos are known as a content format that offers quick intake as its primary advantage.

Users love videos where people or symbols explain things to them.

Explainer videos with demonstrations about how and the best ways to use your commodities may parent engagement and the number of views on your channel

Audiovisual content that helps anticipate the possible questions of consumers is likely to be shorten the buying cycle.

2. Review Videos

Reviews work as social proof of what you think about a product or service.

They can be used to find brand-new books, watch a new sequence on Netflix, or find a product relevant to your interests.

From the moment you share your experience, as well as your knowledge and hypothesis, you might help others who are interested in that subject You influence their obtaining decisions.

A typical example is bloggers who buy makeup concoctions and originate video reviews of their beliefs or share comparisons to other products.

Another idea for a YouTube video is to watch a series or movie and talk about how it is linked to a thought that’s relevant to your public/ in your battlefield. This is a artistic option that will probably draw attention among the interested audience who too watched that content.

3. Storytelling Videos

As I’ve already mentioned here on the blog, storytelling is one of the main dominances in material nowadays.

After all, purchasers don’t want to really be informed about products or services; they want to understand how products can provide solutions to the problems in their lives.

When you tell a personal story during your YouTube video, you can help people who are living in that situation or will go through it in the future.

If you can tell a story they empathize with, they can identify with you, and this may encourage them to spend money with your brand.

This jobs by talking about things like a major event in your vocation or sharing a challenge you’ve conquered.

Some influencers employ video opinions like this to talk about surgeries they experience, how they chose their colleges, or report their teenage fun moments.

To be relevant and make sure your audience comes interested in your tale, don’t forget to adapt it to the reality of your business.

4. Advice and Tips Videos

Tips videos are penetrations or recommendations, frequently filmed with one person talking into the camera and demo, that may help improve purchasers’ souls, be it on a personal, professional, or business level.

Would you like two examples?

The article you are reading right now. It could be adapted to an audiovisual format.

In this case, I myself are now in the video, render tips-off about plans for your YouTube videos. I would testify you demos for each gratuity, and I’d be talking you through each one. Easily understandable, right?

To be successful when recording YouTube videos with tips-off, don’t forget to think about what will stimulate living easier for your audience and cornerstone your tips-off around these feelings.

This could involve apps, places, strategies, demeanors, or simply innovative themes, like this one.

5. Q& A Videos

Have you considered reading questions put by your gathering and conclusion opportunities to answer them on video?

Comments and messages received on social media or on the videos themselves can be used as ideas for videos.

The starting point could be common questions from your consumers or even your own videos.

You exclusively have to tell the audience that you’ll be planning a specific video to answer questions about a certain subject.

To make it even more organized, create a hashtag to make it easier to identify and sort these questions.

As soon as you’ve selected the most interesting questions, get ready to reply to them, turn on the camera, and go ahead.

But don’t forget to mention the person who originated the question, so they can feel even closer to you.

This strategy will too cause other people to interact more with your YouTube channel.

6. Webinar Video Ideas

Webinars are videos streamed live to promote relevant content.

This realizes content more interesting and makes appraise for the audience.

Generally, all you need to do a webinar is to choose a good topic and save at least 20 minutes to talk about it.

If the public acts positively, you are eligible to extend the stream.

What you need to keep in mind is that the most important thing is not the length of the video, but to meet the expectations of your audience.

Done correctly, this is a strong tool to establish your jurisdiction before your audience.

Pro Tip: employment Ubersuggest to find good webinar material plans

Ubersuggest is a free potent implement to find great material meanings for your webinars.

It will help you to find out if people examine about the topics you want to talk about during your webinar videos.

You can search for more generic topics such as “Video Marketing” as an example to find out how many people are searching for that topic.

use Ubersuggest to find good webinar content ideas - youtube video ideas

As we can see in the pattern above, Video Marketing has an average of 4,400 explorations per month on Google.

However, if you want to find more hypothesis, you can simply scroll down the sheet and check out same keywords and content impressions that will help you find a good webinar topic.

use Ubersuggest to find good webinar content ideas 2

7. List Videos

Lists are another imaginative and informational YouTube video idea.

Lists are simple, favourite, and usually attract attention due to containing capacities.

These can be lists of tips, schedules of records, commodities, or arousing actions. You decide.

To record this kind of video, start with a short introduction about why you chose that subject.

Next, to make it more interesting for the audience, introduce each item on the list and acquire comments about why each of them is in the order you chose.

8. DIY YouTube Videos

DIY YouTube Videos - youtube video ideas

DIY implies do it yourself.

While it is just like one of those progressing directions, this is a video idea that is generally working well, because it’s schooling someone how to do something by themselves.

This could involve anything from crafts working recyclable substances to digital material templates, for example.

However, to make this kind of video, you must have surmounted the issues of the video. If you evidence you can’t time the thing you claim to be an expert on, or you can’t work your own product, your customers won’t be able to rely you.

After all, showing you can’t teach a user how to do something can be bad for your likenes and the image of your business.

9. Motivational Videos

Encouraging oaths are good for everyone.

It’s natural for human beings to depend on encouragement and motivation to overcome difficulties and move on.

As cliche as it clangs, this is the sort of thing that everyone likes to receive.

One example is motivational videos shared on Facebook that vanish viral ; you know, the videos you suddenly start receiving from multiple people.

To make your own motivational video, think about what you can say to help your audience feel motivated.

Prepare your speech to be full of emotion and record it.

This will obligate your videos more human and will bring you and your symbol even closer to your audience.

And if it runs viral, even better, right?

10. Product Unboxing Videos

Product unboxing is another inventive mind for YouTube videos.

Think of a product you’ve just bought or received as a gift.

Next, give the camera and open the package in front of your audience, presenting your marks about the commodity you have in hand.

Digital influencers procreate lots of these videos, especially to show their audiences what they” received that week .”

This is another way to help shoppers foresee their questions about the quality and image of certain products.

When you open entries in front of the camera, you make their choice easier if they are still wondering if it’s worth acquiring or not.

11. Challenges Videos

Challenges Videos example, mannequin challenge - youtube video ideas

Uniquely fun, challenge videos exit viral fairly easily.

Remember the sparkler barrel challenge and the mannequin challenge? These are just two examples of challenge videos that departed viral and even had luminaries joining in.

To increase the chances of other parties joining the challenge, try labelling the people you are challenging in your video.

Just be careful challenging fames, because they usually charge to take part in these things- unless your project is very creative and uncommon.

It’s worth trying to create your own challenges for videos.

12. React Videos

Reacts are simply reactions, and recording how you react to a certain situation.

When well planned, these can be good plans for funny and artistic videos.

There’s great freedom of subjects; you can record a video reacting to movies, sitcoms, videos from other parties, or even sends you received.

13. Gameplay Videos

Increasingly favourite with young people who like sports, gameplay videos are recordings focused on this particular universe of games.

They can show you playing your favorite sport, your opinion about a game you got recently, informed about exhausts or how to go to the next level.

Since this is a niche type of video, simply use this idea if “youve been” understand the subject( and play well, of course ).

The gamer audience is very critical and well-informed about the particularities of the industry.

14. Event Coverage Videos

Is an interesting event for your gathering taking place in your hometown? Go over there with a camera and a few imaginative video ideas.

To make event coverage more interesting, try contacting the organizers to find out who you can interview on location.

This will reach your videos more professional and may send brand-new users to your channel.

15. Travel Videos

Travel videos are the favorites of people who like going on tours and assemble other cultures.

You have probably watched this kind of content before, right?

All you need to do to make this kind of content is to start go your camera with you on your next tours, and record your passage through those destinations and share your experiences. You don’t even have to travel far from home; possibilities are, anywhere you live has something interesting nearby.

In your videos, you can talk about the history and interesting details about the places you see. Beings interesting in those spots may find your label through your videos about that region, opening you up to possible brand-new audiences.

It likewise helps people who are interested in visiting those regions come detailed information about them. It’s a nice programme that likewise runs as a gratuity of which jaunts and restaurants are better value for fund, for example.

16. Tutorial Videos

As the specify itself establishes, lessons are made to educate notions or procedures to your audience.

There’s a range of subjects and levels of complexity educated by digital influencers in different industries.

Examples? How to contour your face or how to stimulate your own planner.

To choose the best tutorials to share in your path, consider your market niche and also how much you know about the subject.

Tutorial videos must be objective and easy to replicate.

That is, your gathering needs to know how to do the undertaking indicated in the tutorial without much trouble.

17. Tag Videos

Tags are members of the latest YouTube video the suggestions and are very interesting. They make it possible to come closer to your followers.

When used in videos, tags help you sort videos according to your keywords, representing investigations easier for users.

It’s like a hashtag for videos, spurring customer actions.

It offices like this:

Let’s imagine I’m publishing a video with the call” 50 facts about me “.

When YouTubers use this same tag, they must mention 50 actualities about themselves.

So this is like an editorial boundary for videos, with a good potential for disappearing viral.

18. Memory Videos

People like to remember things that happened at certain times. This is a fact.

But, like everything your corporation will publish online, videos about reminiscences must be relevant.

Be careful not to see something too commercial-grade. If you go overboard, the number of ” shuns” might grow.

YouTube published a video about 2018 that has accumulated millions of views.

So far so good- but the video looks like advertising , not like a summing-up of 2018.

The audience greeted very negatively to that.

And the video broke the record for the highest number of despises on the platform.

19. Interview Videos

Interview Videos - youtube video ideas

Guest participation can also turn into ideas for artistic YouTube videos.

Hosting an expert in a certain subject can offer more relevant content to your gathering and make their experience with your videos even richer for them.

You and your emcee can improve your public together.

It’s an exchange where both sides win.

Did you get a great response from your audience? Consider starting interviews a regular incorporated in your video channel.

Your audience will be pleased!

20. Chalk Talk

Ever seen a YouTube video where the panel of experts on a certain subject shows their reasoning on a board, like back in your school day? This skill is called chalk talk.

It uses like a video lesson using paints, graphs, flow chart, and textbook written down a whiteboard.

If the content is relevant and useful to the public, the chances of getting “likes” and positive observes are very high.

Conclusion- What YouTube Idea Will You Use First?

There are plenty of YouTube video minds out there in the digital macrocosm. You get to choose which forms trigger intuitions for you and mesh with your symbol.

The more authentic, inventive, enthusiastic, and relevant “youre ever”, the more your public will like you.

If you crave help with a video commerce strategy cause our authority know. Our team of experts can help!

Did you like the tips we shared in this article? Tell us in the comments if you’ve already expended any of these video projects or if you have any other gratuities to share with books of this blog.

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