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What do you want people to do when they visit your locate? Contact you? Sign up for your newsletter? Fill out a inspection?

Make it easy for them with an eye-catching, intuitive form. To do that, it is necessary to a WordPress form plugin that lets you build one.

A enormous chassis plugin for WordPress will help you create any form you need. These plugins will help you captivate more customers and obligate things convenient for everyone.

# 1 Gravity Forms–The Best for Advanced Customer

Gravity Forms goes beyond your normal contact form. It has tons of amalgamations and add-ons for a smart-alecky, multipurpose form.

It doesn’t have a free edition, but the add-ons you get make for such a thorough and customizable shape plugin that it’s worth it. If you’re a make who are interested in induce your species unique, Gravity Forms can help. The plugin is scalable for your business, and it offers excellent certificate for your site.

You can choose from three bundles ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Basic –$ 59 per yearPro –$ 159 per yearElite –$ 259 per year

Basic gives you unlimited ways and records for one site. With multipage anatomies, conditional logic, and register uploads, visitors have more options than your conventional single-page form. Automatic revises and standard corroborate give you the resources you need to keep your uses running.

The real adept of Gravity Forms is its add-on options. Even with the Basic package, you get plenty, including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, HubSpot, and many more.

Pro ameliorates “youre going to” three places and gives you all the features of Basic. When you go Pro, you’re mostly paying for the add-ons. But with several remittance, CRM, and other management add-ons, you might find they constitute their own lives easier.

The top rank, Elite, gives you unlimited sites and all Pro boasts. With Elite, you are eligible to fix a different type of structures, like inspects, polls, and quizzes. You are also welcome to move replenishing out your constitutes more accessible with signatures, consumer registration, and partial enters. Plus, with priority support, you get problems resolved fast. Learn more at Gravity Forms.

# 2 Jetpack Forms–The Best for Form Security

Jetpack is more of a suite than a form-specific plugin, but it still has plenty of way pieces. You might not find all the same ones as you would in, say, Formidable Forms, but it has fairly if you don’t need anything fancy.

What Jetpack deficiencies in flounces, it forms up for in care. It blocks spam, offers extra certificate, and even comes with marketing tools.

To use forms, you must enable Jetpack Contact Form in the collection creates. There, you’ll have access to pieces like contact, newsletter, enrollment, feedback, RSVP, and sign-up structures. You can also improved your own form from scratch.

You can specify who receives meanings from the forms. With customization the characteristics and realms, you can create a unique form with a time picker, checkboxes, radio, and adopt battlegrounds. The block journalist likewise tells you drag and quit or add non-form blocks within the form block.

Jetpack has limited integrations, but you can get newsletters and CRM. There’s a free account of the plugin, along with three paid boxes ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Backup Daily –$ 7.95 per monthSecurity Daily –$ 19.95 per monthComplete –$ 79.95 per month

The form plugin comes with all bundles, but if you miss more insurance, consider upgrade. Backup Daily offers automated daily backups, one-click recovers, and unlimited site storage so that you won’t lose anything.

Security Daily includes automated daily searches, anti-spam, and unlimited video hosting on your website. The Complete package comes with real-time automated searches and off-site backup. To do things easier to maintain, you also get a CRM, site pursuit, and more commerce and design tools.

# 3 WPForms–The Best for Flexibility and Power

WPForms is one of the best WordPress form plugins you can get. Its intuitive interface realizes it ideal for both fledglings and more experienced customers. You don’t have to worry about code or complexities.

It’s one of the most powerful form makes thanks to its functionality, multi-page species, customizability, and the sheer number of organizes you can create. Its comprehensive features include everything from file upload capability to provisional logic.

You can make form submission simple with signatures, model withdrawal, and user registration. With questionnaire and tally add-ons, you can create tons of different forms beyond your basic contact form. Plus, Conversational Forms help you connect with guests.

When it comes to communication, Constant Contact integration and instant notifications mean you and your squad never miss a thump. Not to mention, the anti-spam honeypots make sure you only get replies from real people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You can choose from five parcels ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Lite–FreeBasic –$ 39.50 per yearPlus –$ 99.50 per yearPro –$ 199.50 per yearElite –$ 299.50 per year

WPForms Lite has three templates and 10 word studies. Beyond that, the drag-and-drop design, button customization, and Gutenberg compatibility give you all the design tools you need.

The Basic package gives people unlimited assembles and introductions, plus advanced plains, chassis templates, and multi-page shapes. It comes with one year of support, downloads, and revises for one site.

Plus improves the Basic pieces with more marketing features. You get newsletter words, Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Sendinblue, and Drip for three places. With this package, you’ll have no problem keeping track of your forms.

With Pro, you get everything Plus has to offer, along with even more marketing desegregations. With form abandonment, conversational kinds, offline chassis, and a assemble locker, pilgrims won’t have to worry about losing their place. That represents more purchasers for you.

Pro likewise stands PayPal and Stripe integrations for easy remittances. You get priority reinforce and use of these features across five sites.

Elite includes all Pro aspects but with even more marketing capability. With ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, Authorize.net, and Webhooks across unlimited websites, you have the tools you need to manage your fleshes. Elite also gives you client management features and premium support in case anything goes wrong.

# 4 Formidable Forms–The Best for Complex Form Creation

Formidable Forms lets you create formations as complex or as simple as you require. It has more advanced boasts than any other WordPress form plugin on this list.

Formidable Forms is most effective if you’re an advanced developer. You’ll get more out of it if you know how to use all of its features, and it’s not as beginner-friendly as other assemble plugins.

With tons of integratings, including WooCommerce, you’ll find plenty of use for it, whether you need an easy contact form or a complex survey.

You are able to obtain Formidable Forms in four parcels ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Basic –$ 74 per yearPlus –$ 149 per yearBusiness –$ 299 per yearElite –$ 599 per year

Basic comes with unlimited forms and entryways, together with advanced and multipage species. File upload and inspect before submit boasts cause visitors what they need for efficient form completion. Automatic revises keep your species current for you, and you get a year of support for one site.

Plus refurbishes you to three areas with add-ons like Mailchimp, AWeber, MailPoet newsletters, and Bootstrap form styling and modals. Colossal Vistums, re-examines, and comments too make it easy for you to see what people think of your locate and who utilizations your patterns. You can even appoint the investigations and surveys beyond your basic forms.

The Business package supplements calculators, consumer enrollment, and signatures. You get remittance add-ons, Formidable Forms API, time picker options, and quiz make. With commerce add-ons like Campaign Monitor and GetResponse, you have even more ways to improve how you use form responses. You are also welcome to use Polylang to prepare your site accessible in several speeches across up to 15 sites.

Elite is where the WooCommerce integration comes in. You can also take advantage of sell tools like ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

With Elite’s access to all flesh templates, unlimited places, and all Business package peculiarities, you’ll have no shortage of ways to customize your assembles and how they work for you. And priority foundation means you can keep things up and running without the wait.

# 5 Ninja Forms–The Best for Quick Solutions

Ninja Forms has your solution for caliber figures with minimum effort. Its drag and lower setup mean you don’t have to be tech-savvy to upgrade your forms.

The plugin’s beginner-friendly interface includes pre-built templates, dedicated realms, customization options, and spam handling. These facets make it easy for you to add a constitute fast when you need one.

You have three paid bundle options ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Personal –$ 99.50 per yearProfessional –$ 199.50 per yearAgency –$ 249.50 per year

Personal allows you one site with priority support. You can use form building aspects like layout and forms, provisional reasoning, register uploads, and multipage sorts. Marketing add-ons like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and ConvertKit help you keep track of your sell expedition and its success rate. You also get 20% off all future add-ons you buy.

When you upgrade to Professional, you can use the plugin on 20 websites. You get more fee consolidations, like PayPal Express and Stripe to offset customer purchases opportune. When the time comes to assembles, it realise for low-toned attempt completion with consumer conduct login, as well as registration, update chart, and pole start-up anatomies. Useds can even save their assemble progress. The add-on discount likewise double-dealing to 40% for any you buy after acquiring this package.

Agency comes with unlimited areas and all form add-ons, including those they release in the future. You have access to all CRM incorporations, including Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, HubSpot, and more, plus SMS and Slack notifications. Connect your shapes to workflow management software like Trello and Help Scout, and use advanced analytics and email sell tools.

If you only require some of these features, Ninja Forms offers an a la carte option. You can choose the features you need, and the cost is from $ 29 to $129 a year for up to 20 sites.

# 6 Caldera Forms–The Best for Free Feature

Like most constitute plugins for WordPress, Caldera Forms has plenty of paid alternatives. The gap here is that it gives you access to more free pieces than most others.

You get templates and harmony with almost every WordPress theme available. It has a drag-and-drop builder, as well as a freeform builder for better customization.

You can get free and payment add-ons for remittances, sales, and email sell. It also has spam prevention and notifications, so you always know what’s going on with your forms.

Unfortunately, even the paid copy doesn’t have countless advanced boasts. If you’re a make, you might want something you can play with more.

If Caldera’s simplicity entreaties to you, you can choose from three packages ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Toolbelt –$ 49.50 per yearToolbox –$ 99.50 per yearToolchest –$ 249.50 per year

Toolbelt comes with plenty of sell and payment consolidations, including PayPal, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and AWeber. You too have options like entering limiter, geolocation, conditional flunk, and Slack to help you get all the information you need from your models. Best of all, Toolbelt gives you unlimited sites, a rare facet for the cheapest payment options.

Toolbox improves your formations with easy queries, YouTube signup words, tradition arenas, and email proof. You can also learn more about your forms’ success with Google Analytics, and transmit responses where they need to go with Connected Forms.

Toolchest allows you to add members and use premium EDD integration. With Divi Styler, you can take form design to the next tier. Braintree, Dwolla, and Nexmo integrations help you rally fees easily, interact with data, and connect your shapes where you need them.

# 7 HappyForms–The Best for Lightweight Forms

HappyForms is a no-frills form plugin built into the WordPress Customizer. Its lightweight code deters up recital on your website, and everything about it is made to be user-friendly.

With a lag and lowering formation make, it’s easy to include in your website layout. It likewise come here for a Google reCaptcha spam prevention feature. As a Gutenberg-ready plugin, you don’t have to modify anything to start building your forms.

HappyForms doesn’t have many boosted aspects. Still, if you know anything about tech, you know that you need a high-quality foundation. That’s what HappyForms offers.

You can choose from three cartons ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Starter –$ 49 per yearBusiness –$ 99 per yearProfessional –$ 249 per year

Starter lets you customize your chassis on one site with provisional logic, multipage assembles, day and appointment planning, and live ballots. You can even accommodate submission items with a preview before submission, redirect after submission, and a submission block list. With exports and imports tools along with file upload, you have everything you need for a solid starter form. Plus, this tier gives people 20% off future renewals.

Business gives you a year of revises for five locates and all Starter peculiarities. The main difference between the two degrees is that Business gives you a ton of amalgamations. You get Google Analytics, Mailchimp, SendFox, PayPal, Constant Contact, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, and more.

With Professional, you get a year of revises for unlimited areas but no extra features beyond what Business offers. Virtually, you’re simply paying to use those features on more sites.

What I Looked at to Find the Best WordPress Form Plugin

Before you buy, you want to know that your WordPress form plugin will serve your business well. Some plugins render boosted aspects but focus instead on what your company actually needs. Look for these features and criteria in your plugins to assist you decide which one is right for you.


Whether you need multiple tools or labelling customizability, it helps to know how much you can change your models. Perfectly customizable species give you more options and better ways to offset them your own.

Look for options like how many fields you can add, dropdowns, and pattern features. The tier of customizability determines how the way works for your site.

Visual Builder

A visual drag-and-drop builder works well for fledglings. It also makes adding a shape to your locate more efficient.

That said, if you have experience with creating websites and incorporating different elements, a freeform make gives people more freedom.

Spam Protection

You want spam protection for you and your visitors. It makes people feel safe and deters both their and your information assure. Spam protection also has indicated that the plugin you get offers more than the bare minimum.


Your form should work on all types of inventions. If it doesn’t work on mobile, that will deter people. According to Sweor, 57% of beings won’t recommend a website that doesn’t work on mobile inventions. Evaluation your anatomy and make sure visitors can fill it out just as easily on their phones as on desktop.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic gives your form an “if this, then that” logic system. These organisations rationalize the submission process and cure sort responses where they need to go within your company.

Conditional logic allows customers to skip parts of the shape that don’t apply to them. The sort recognizes their answers to certain questions and then hides or establishes relevant questions.

Communication System

A communication system within your plugin deters your plan unionized. It tells the right people in your companionship when they receive a new submission. With a modernized plan, it becomes easier for the suitable parties to handle specific tasks.


Your WordPress form plugin should make it easy for customers to fill out species and for you to get the responses you need. Choose something that has all the right peculiarity from the start.

A good form plugin for WordPress should give more than a simple contact form. Look for spam shelter, a high-quality builder, customizability, and make sure it works on all designs. When you have a form that reachings more guests, you have a higher chance of turning them into buyers.

To recap, here are the top WordPress form plugins ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Gravity Forms–The Best for Advanced UsersJetpack Forms–The Best for Form SecurityWPForms–The Best for Flexibility and PowerFormidable Forms–The Best for Complex Form CreationNinja Forms–The Best for Quick SolutionsCaldera Forms–The Best for Free FeaturesHappyForms–The Best for Lightweight Forms

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