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Webcasting has quickly become a popular large-scale communication tool in the digital era.

It’s a channel for businesses and individuals to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of beings worldwide. Webcasting can be leveraged for a expansive remit of use occasions, like leading contemporary, customer support, internal company communications, and so much more.

The periods “webcasting” and “webinar” are often confused with each other. Unlike a webinar, webcasting is a one-way flow of information. The emcee presents and the audience watches without truly interacting. Webinars are commonly more interactive.

This key difference reaches it a little easier to reach the masses. But having a successful webcast is reliant on know the privilege webcasting assistance. Which one is the best? Let’s dive in.

The Top 6 Alternatives For Webcasting Business

GlobalMeet — Most Versatile Webcasting ServiceCisco Webex — Best For Large Scale EventsClickMeeting — Best For Monetizing WebcastsezTalks — Best For Pre-Recorded Online EventsON2 4 Webcast Elite — Best For Audience Engagement and ConversionsSamba Live — Best For Cross-Platform Live Streaming

How to Choose the Best Webcasting Assistance For You

Before you can start evaluating different webcasting answers, it’s essential to understand what suitabilities should be considered in your decision. This is the methodology that I used to come up with the top pickings on the market today. Use these factors as a buying navigate and weigh their importance against your personal webcasting needs.

Number of Attendees

How numerous people are you expecting for your webcast?

Most webcasting works will have limits on attendee registers. Some assistances might curb “youre going to” 5,000 or 10,000 attendees, while others give you up to 100,000.

Compared to webinars and entanglement forums, webcasts frequently have a higher number of attendees. Keep this in mind as you’re browsing through different options. Make sure you factor in the attendee limits of each plan.

Audio and Video Quality

Since webcasts are typically broadcasted from a single presenter, the audio and video excellence must be a top priority. Tens of thousands of beings around the world could be viewing your webcast. If the feed is lagging, grainy, or low quality, the send won’t be as impactful, and attendees may drop out mid-presentation.

The quality of your webcast will be a direct reflection of you and your brand. This is definitely an orbit that can’t be overlooked as you’re comparing solutions.

Event Management Tools

Webcasts often require a significant amount of prep. From the promotional materials to speaker schedules and more, there’s quite a bit of work that must be done before, during, and after the event.

Look for a webcasting services which are streamlines event administration. Even though webcasts commonly aren’t interactive, aspects like gathering polling can be highly beneficial.

Recording and Editing Ability

Make sure the webcasting service you’re evaluating allows for event tape. Not every webcast is presented live. Some are pre-recorded and available on-demand.

If you’re pre-recording an happen, are benefiting from any built-in editing implements. Mistakes are inevitable during a live program. But you are eligible to chipped those out of an on-demand webcast with revising tools to add professionalism to any event.

The best webcasting assistances hand presenters the ability to remove, computed, or even reorganize content before archiving it for on-demand viewing.

Reporting and Analytics

Look for a webcasting service with sophisticated reporting tools. Most platforms offer the basics, like the number of attendees and their location.

But some webcasting business go above and beyond with tally arises, audience interactions, and other key audience behaviour. These deeper revelations can help you define and establish future renditions, which is crucial for sales and sell webcasts.

The Different Types of Webcasting Services

Generally speaking, webcasting falls into one of three categories. Not every webcasting busines will alter all three of these, although most offer more than one.

Live Streaming

Live webcasts are when the presentation goes broadcasted in real-time to your public. There’s a characterized start and end time, and there’s no way to rewind or to get started.

Both live stream and on-demand webcasts are more often self-serviced, gist you handle the logistics and filming for your event.

On-Demand Webcasting

On-demand webcasts are pre-recorded. There are generally two ways to produce an on-demand event.

You can simply record a live affair and make it available for viewing at a later time. Or you could record a webcast without ever presenting in front of a live gathering.

The second option is better for evergreen content that isn’t truly time-sensitive. This will give you more flexibility with editing as well.

Managed Webcasting

Managed webcasting business minimise the workload for the presenter. The service provider takes care of the logistics, broadcast, and filming for the occasion. Presenters really need to worry about the contents.

With that said, self-service webcasting is more popular than finagled webcasting. Most businesses and individuals choose to handle the publishing and revising of webcasts on their own while applying critical infrastructures from a webcasting “providers “.

# 1- GlobalMeet Review — Most Versatile Webcasting Service

GlobalMeet is a product offered by Premiere Global Business( PGi ), an industry lead in the digital communication and collaboration space.

Formerly Talkpoint, GlobalMeet Webcast is trusted by Fortune 500 s and enterprises across the globe. This cloud-based SaaS( software as a service) impels it easy for organizations to create high-quality webcasts for thousands of onlookers worldwide.

GlobalMeet’s versatility is what offsets it unique compared to other webcasting works on the market today. It’s used for town hall broadcasts, hire onboarding and training courses, investor intersects, marketing productions, corporate communications, human resources development, and so much more. They volunteer both organized and self-service support for webcasts.

With GlobalMeet, you’ll benefit from basic and advanced facets like 😛 TAGEND

Live and on-demand presentationsHigh-quality audio and video streamingLive Q& A, gathering polling, and social media feedsTools for managing attendee registration dataPowerful analytics and reportingEnterprise-grade securitySeamless integrations with CRMs and commerce toolsIn-event branding toolsUnlimited cloud storage for on-demand viewing

GlobalMeet supplies white-glove event assistances as well. They offer solutions for affair moderation, advanced exercise, happen setup, event customization, and more.

In Short, GlobalMeet has everything you need to execute a successful webcast at flake, regardless of the use case.

GlobalMeet does not publish pricing for their Webcast Starter License, but you can easily contact the GlobalMeet auctions team for a quote on webcasting services.

# 2- Cisco Webex Webcasting Review — The Best For Large Scale Events

Cisco Webex is another industry chairman in the business communications space. They stipulate an lengthy roll of high-quality products for running utilization cases–webcasting included.

Cisco Webex Webcasting were consistent with up to 100,000 attendees worldwide, determining it one of the most wonderful alternatives on world markets for big occasions.

Running an contest at this size is no easy task. But Cisco plies everything you need to ensure the webcast is produced without a hitch.

They offer all of the features you need before, during, and after the incident. Cisco assists with registration and communicating remembrances to attendees before getting started. They’ll even set up your audio and volunteer technical assistance activities during a practice run before the phenomenon itself.

Other top features and benefits of Cisco Webex Webcasting include 😛 TAGEND

One-click recordingReal-time tech supportCustom event enrollmentAttendee questions for lead scoring, moving, and follow-upsHigh-quality audio and videoAdvanced securitySlide share, polling, Q& A, and chatUnlimited broadcast timeUnlimited on-demand viewing

Cisco Webex’s webcasting support is second to none. Their team of experts will provide you with training and an extensive library of resources to ensure success. When you compound this with the ability to reach 100,000 parties, it’s tough to find mistakes with it.

Cisco does not list their pricing for webcasting works. Contact the Cisco sales team to get started.

# 3- ClickMeeting Review — The Best For Monetizing Webcasts

ClickMeeting is an online communication pulpit with several different products and service offerings. They have solutions for sell, make demos, online memorize, training sessions, crew collaboration, and more.

ClickMeeting also has webcasting services to accommodate affairs with up to 10,000 attendees.

ClickMeeting has distinct aspects not offered by other webcasting services on the market–monetization tools. They have everything you need to generate a profit from your large-scale online event.

PayPal integration manufactures it easy to sell tickets for webcasts. It’s even possible to connect ClickMeeting to programmes like Eventbrite with a Zapier integration. If neither of these monetization alternatives accommodates your needs, really use ClickMeeting’s API to manage your distinct pay programme.

In addition to the monetization benefits, ClickMeeting offers added webcasting features like 😛 TAGEND

Promotional registration pagesSocial media sharing and email invitations Certificates of attending for viewersFollow-up words to attendeesGuest speaker invitations with give accessPanel discussions with up to four simultaneous speakersWhiteboard implements, substantiates, and video sharingPassword protection and tokenization for happens

ClickMeeting even lets you break up the webcast into smaller seminars with the ability to sell tickets for each conference.

If you want to generate revenue with your webcasts, search no further than ClickMeeting. ClickMeeting offers a free 30 -day trial for up to 25 attendees for live, automated, and on-demand webinars. The Live plan starts at $ 25 per month, statute annually, for an unlimited number of meetings, six hours of recording storage, and one gigabyte of document storage. They too volunteer an Automated plan starting at $40 per month, and you’ll need to contact ClickMeeting auctions for a patronage paraphrase for the Enterprise plan, which includes webcasting services for up to 10,000 attendees.

# 4- ezTalks Review — The Best For Pre-Recorded Online Events

Like countless webcasting services on the market today, ezTalks is a platform with several different online communication tools. They offer services for webinars, huddle areas, meets, and more. But you can also use ezTalks for live affairs with up to 10,000 attendees.

ezTalks has some unique boasts for pre-recorded events that aren’t available from other providers, including an automated live event.

As a presenter, you can use ezTalks to record live episodes ahead of time. The webcast will then start “live” at a specific date and epoch for attendees to tune in. Live audiences won’t know the difference, but the multitude doesn’t need to be present at the scheduled event time.

In addition to the automated webcasts, ezTalks has possible options for traditional on-demand viewing. It’s easy for publics to access phenomena with the ability to pause, fast-forward, or rewind whenever they want.

As an all-in-one solution for webcasting, ezTalks gives you the ability to host traditional live occasions and paid incidents as well.

Other top features and benefits of ezTalks include 😛 TAGEND

Easy schedulingTemplates for enrollment pages, waiting room, and thank-you pagesCustom brandingEvent invitation emailsHD audio and videoOne-click screen sharingWhiteboard accessPolls and surveysMobile app for leading contests from anywhere

If you crave the ability to produce pre-recorded live incidents and on-demand webcasts, ezTalks will be a top option for you to consider.

Pricing for ezTalks automated and on-demand services start at $32 per month per emcee for 100 attendees with their Pro plan. The Business plan offers full webcasting servicing of $ 300 per month per multitude for 1000 attendees and has alternatives up to 10,000. EzTalks also offers a basic free package for live webinars with up to 25 participants to test out the software. Unlike some other services, ezTalks also has hardware and supplementaries for sale if you need additional equipment.

# 5- ON24 Webcast Elite Review — Best For Audience Engagement and Changeovers

Just because webcasts aren’t as interactive as a webinar or web powwow, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your audience locked. ON2 4 Webcast Elite solves this problem.

Unlike other webcasting implements out there, ON24 vanishes above and beyond to drive involvement and make your webcasts to the next level.

ON2 4 Webcast Elite is a marketer’s dream. The scaffold shapes it easy to create data-rich webcasts that generate date and arouse ongoing affairs.

Whether you’re apply a live or on-demand webcast, ON24 has real-time engagement and conversion tools designed for contribute diploma and buying. You’ll be able to quickly understand the buying intent and interest height of your public, which improves marketings follow-ups and future campaigns.

ON2 4 Webcast Elite has peculiar backend tools that automatically capture public buying signals. You can seamlessly integrate this data with your CRM or marketing automation platform to optimize the route you encourage prospects.

Other top features and benefits to consider include 😛 TAGEND

20+ engagement and conversion toolsLead qualification toolsSales pipeline insightsFully customizable audience dashboardsOn-demand viewingSurveys and attendee feedbackProvide related material and natural resources on the webcast dashboardMake it easy for audiences to book a meet, schedule a demo, or contact your team

ON2 4 Webcast Elite is more than merely a webcasting busines. Such a solution is built for driving participation and producing conversions.

Try it free for 30 dates to see if it is right for you, and contact the ON24 Webcast Elite crew for a demo and quote.

# 6- Samba Live Review — The Best For Cross-Platform Live Streaming

Samba Live by Digital Samba is a webcasting service with limitless scalability. You can invite as numerous attendees as you want to your next affair and potentially reach millions of onlookers worldwide.

That’s why world leader like Deloitte, Ferrari, and McDonald’s rely on Samba Live for webcasting.

What manufactures Samba Live stand out from the crowd is the ability to stream live across several programmes simultaneously. You can use the software to stream webcasts on Facebook and YouTube to maximize your possible reach.

The software is 100% browser-based and cloud-based, so you won’t have to worry about downloads, hardware, or access restrictions.

Here are some other reasons why Samba Live ranks high on my inventory 😛 TAGEND

Simple and instinctive UI for presenters and audiences alikeHD audio and videoSupports variou devices OS( Mac, PC, Android, iOS, tablet, smartphone, etc .) File sharing and screen sharingCustom screen layoutsWhiteboard markups and annotationCustom registration pages and thank-you pagesEmail requests Q& A, polling, and cross-examines

Samba Live is versatile enough to accommodate your needs, from virtual seminars and training phenomena to auctions intersects and company-wide edicts.

You can try it free for 14 days with no credit card required, then the Pro plan starts at $49 per month.


Webcasting is an excellent way to reach thousands or potentially thousand of onlookers across the globe. Make-ups of all shapes and sizes leverage webcasting services for marketing, lead contemporary, training sessions, internal communication, and more.

Which service is the best? It depends on your distinct needs.

There’s a solution for everyone on my roll. Whether you want to monetize a webcast, drive audience engagement, or something else, the recommendations in this guide will steer you in the right direction.

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