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A functional online directory plugin will assist you deliver business or personal information by location or list for internal or external application.

Whether you want to build a glossary of identifies and expressions for your employees or a comprehensive business index, a good index plugin for your WordPress website will help you do only that.

Directory plugins provide a simple purpose: to create a user-friendly database with up-to-date details for both your customers and internal squad. Your plugin of preference will give you access to this information together with photos, orientation info, and contact details.

As there are many directory plugin alternatives out there, I’m now to make it easier for you by narrowing it down to the top five best directory plugins for your WordPress website–so you won’t have trouble finding the right one for you.

The Top 5 Options for Directory Plugins

Business Directory– Best for extended directory categories GeoDirectory– Best customizable plugin Connections Business Directory– Best free WordPress pluginAdvanced Classifieds and Directory Pro– Best plugin with multifunctional featuresName Directory– Best plugin for an online glossary builder

# 1- Business Directory- The Best for Extensive Directory Category

If you’re looking for a wide variety of directory categories make their own choices, the Business Directory plugin is an excellent option.

This plugin allows you to easily improve the index you crave by seamlessly pairing it with any WordPress website.

It doesn’t is important that type of index you wish to build because the Business Directory plugin has it all. The plugin covers the basic regional business directories as well as employee, member, restaurant, medical, tour and hasten, inn, software examine locates, and book review site directories.

Along with its extended list schedule, Business Directory offers a simple installation process that WordPress users can rely on.

With its easy directory templates, you can change the wording and schemes to suit your advantages. This plugin likewise lets you have full-field control to create your own custom orbits for simple directory sailing.

Some other supportive features include:

Free and paid submissions for additional traffic or income Mobile-friendly inventories Google maps PayPal and Stripe integration Full image support Rating module

Business Directory gives three pricing schemes, including:

Basic: $199 per year for one site, unlimited schedules, and one year of support Pro: $399 per year for up to five sites with all basic features and priority support( more popular) Elite: $599 per year for unlimited websites with all pro features and all directory themes

These pricing contrives may be quite expensive for some, so I recommend the Business Directory plugin for those who need a diverse reach of lists for their directory. All pricing plans come with a 14 -day money-back guarantee. Try it today .

# 2- GeoDirectory- The Best Customizable Directory Plugin for WordPress

Customization is important for index plugins, which is where GeoDirectory comes in. GeoDirectory is an excellent option for website owneds who are looking for ultimate flexibility and customization options.

With its incredible conformity, this plugin are working with any WordPress theme and allows you to easily customize your sheet the same way you do for your actual website and theme. GeoDirectory also gives you customize 40+ widgets, shortcodes, and blocks, and all features are available in any format.

This plugin proposals an instinctive drag-and-drop implement that allows you organize and reorder listing sheets while easily including customized tabs, arenas, and content.

Custom fields too “re coming with” a fully customizable and unique button plan that you can include in your leans. These stamps include calls such as new, peculiarity, and recently updated. You can also add stamps with tallies, video icons, and social attaches.

By using GeoDirectory, your WordPress website will benefit from several boosted aspects, including:

Add business hours to any register Ratings and scrutinizes Developer-friendly arrangement Pre-built templates Advanced incorporations

As one of the most comprehensive directory plugins on the web, GeoDirectory offers four different pricing projects:

Four Months: $99 paid every four months Six Months: $129 compensate every six months One Year: $199 paid every 12 months( more popular) Lifetime: $995 paid once

Every plan includes all products, add-ons, and premium support for the corresponding month. If recurring dues aren’t your thing, GeoDirectory offers single four, six, and 12 -month programmes. A 30 -day money-back guarantee cross all hopes, except in cases of the Lifetime tier. Learn more.

# 3- Connects Business Directory- The Best Free WordPress Directory Plugin

With its high-quality and encouraging features, Connections Business Directory was a very good free option for those looking for a starter plugin. With over 900,000 downloads, this plugin will help you seamlessly integrate your customized index with your WordPress website.

The Connections Business Directory structure and database have been carefully crafted for maximum compatibility with WordPress, so your installation knowledge is smooth and simple–especially for website proprietors with little technical know-how.

The plugin is also completely scalable and gives people the option to manage hundreds of entries within your directory.

Another superb boast of Alliances Business Directory is the robust templates. For a free plugin, it offers you a good assortment of templates to get you started–with a template pro box available for an additional cost.

Apart from it being free, which is a huge bonus, Connections Business Directory has foremost aspects, such as:

30+ words are translation ready Numerous free and payment postponements Repeatable subjects Free support forum Developer-friendly with open APIs

As you can install Connections Business Directory free of charge, they don’t have any pricing schemes. However, you can purchase premium add-ons and propagations for the purposes of an inexpensive price. Some of the most popular add-ons include the Widget Pack for $9.99 and the Custom Category Order for $4.99.

Template bales include:

Extension Pro Pack: $29.99 for one site Template Pro Pack: $59.99 for one site Pro Pack: $74.99 for one site

Although these premiums are very affordable, it’s also important to create a budget not to overspend on the extras. In that case, you may find a different directory plugin with additional facets for around the same price.

# 4- Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro- The Best WordPress Plugin with Multifunctional Features

Create a potent business directory consuming the Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro( ACADP) plugin. With its unique unlimited boasts, you can build an advanced directory from scratch with little to no campaign.

Even though this plugin proposals customizable installs and layouts for an easy consider of your itemizes, the multifunctional widgets are by far the best feature to take advantage of.

ACADP has a wide variety of WordPress-compatible widgets that volunteer a more handy practice for you to add and manage material on your website without complex code, determining it a perfect tool for apprentices.

ACADP precisely designs the widgets to showcase listing-related information and tools for easy piloting. The widgets include ACADP search/ filter, categories, locations, directories, registering address, listing contact, and itemize video.

Your website will easily support these widgets and all users need to do is hover and click on the widget they need for extra information.

Being quite a comprehensive plugin, you will benefit from many pieces, including:

Advertiser and user panel runs Backend management Email notifications Bookmark implements with advanced search and filtering Unlimited inventories, categories, spots, and custom-built disciplines

ACADP has two pricing schemes you can pay for monthly, yearly, or with a one-time life fee, which includes:

Starter: Free and includes one site with unlimited itemizes, lists, orientations, and custom-built orbits plus email templates.Professional: $9.99 per month, $95.98 per year, or $289.99 life-time and includes one site with all starter features and payment gateways.

ACADP proposals between three and five places on the Professional plan, but you will have to pay additional costs according to how many places you miss. They also give a 30 -day money-back guarantee for all projects and a 20% discount on the lifetime plan.

# 5- Name Directory- The Best Directory Plugin for an Online Glossary Builder

Name Directory is another free plugin, however, it’s a little different from the other options on this list as it isn’t a standard business index plugin. If you are a beginner looking for a more basic database that can build online glossaries for your WordPress website, Name Directory is an excellent alternative.

With a similar control panel view to the WordPress administration panel, you will have a simple time adding to, steering, and managing your online glossaries through Name Directory. You can add multiple directories with this plugin with simple shortcodes to emulate and glue into the database.

Every online glossary you build also has a few customization alternatives to alter the directory’s layout and functionality.

Even though this is a basic directory, there are still a wide variety of configuration options you can choose from to help maintain your online glossaries.

Some of these include the option to show/ disguise claim, show, and examination operate, select the number of columns to expose, participate the subject of the index, and limit the number of words in your history with a’ predict more’ link.

Because it is an entirely free plugin, there are limited boasts, but Name Directory includes:

An in-depth support forum with the developers Import CSV folders Customization for rolls Language support

Name Directory is free downloading and installing. However, the developer team offers paid customization for anyone looking at a more extensive plugin at a low price.

What I Looked at To Find The Best Directory Plugin for WordPress

Now that you know my top five recommendations for the best directory plugin for WordPress, it’s time for you to look for the right product for your website.

To make it easier for you, I shrunk down the top three criteria that helped me find the most wonderful alternatives above. All you have to do is weigh up these criteria against your personal got to find the perfect plugin for you.

Not every plugin will have all three criteria, but it’s important to find a plugin with at least one or two of these for you to use your website to its maximum potential.

Customization for Listings

Being able to customize your old and brand-new itemizes is paramount to the success of your business index.

Having a flexible and customizable plugin like GeoDirectory will make sure your leanings are up-to-date for your consumers.

Not being able to customize your index will heavily affect your business due to lack of functionality, so it’s imperative to find a plugin that offers at least some customizing alternatives.

Rating and Review System

A rating and discuss system is paramount for letting your consumers express their opinions about your listed ventures.

Just like the Business Directory Plugin that offers a rating module, it helps to bring more inclusivity to your website by allowing users to rate ventures on a flake of one to five.

Plus, ratings and evaluations help users decide on the most trusted service, and you can risk losing business without it.

Bookmarking Tools

A plugin that proposals any sort of bookmarking tool will help transform your website.

ACADP is one of the directory plugins that have this tool alongside advanced searching and filtering pieces.

This tool will allow your users to bookmark individual inventories for future note, constituting it improbably convenient while saving epoch.

Your business index won’t altogether suffer without it, but it’s a handy tool that will increase consistent traffic for your website.


Finding the best directory plugin for your WordPress website depends on a few factors such as customization, credit ratings and assess organizations, and bookmarking implements, amongst other boasts.

Looking for these elements is a great place to start, as it will ensure you get the maximum support from your desired plugin.

I’d recommend the GeoDirectory and Business Directory Plugin to anyone looking forward to extended and highly customizable index plugins for your WordPress website.

GeoDirectory is the most customizable alternative on the list, with excellent WordPress harmony and an intuitive boundary. As a developer-friendly system, anyone can transform and customize the pre-existing databases to suit your every need.

Business Directory Plugin is also great for lengthy lists. If you have multiple niches and points you wish to cater to, this plugin has it all in terms of options. It’s likewise mobile-friendly and has great pay incorporation options if you want to earn as you go.

That being said, the other three directory plugins are excellent options that most suit beginners.

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Business Directory Plugin– Best for extensive directory lists GeoDirectory– Best customizable plugin Connections Business Directory– Best free WordPress pluginAdvanced Classifieds and Directory Pro– Best plugin with multifunctional featuresName Directory– Best plugin for an online glossary builder

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