Make no mistake; content marketing is complex.


It involves subject expertise, in-depth knowledge about your target audiences, an excellent policy to guide its hanging, and of course, excellent copywriting skills.

Last but not least, hands-on experience and consistency.

Another thing to note: All these must go into the mix for “youre going to” drive positive business results from content marketing.

Chances are, you know this already, right?

Since you do, I take it that you’re here to soothe your search for content marketing consulting from experienced professionals who amble the talk.

You’re in the best place.

For making it to this guide, out of over 2.7 million blogs published on WordPress alone per day, I want to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with content marketing consulting.

Sounds good?

Let’s start by exploring some natures a content commerce consultant can help grow your business.

4 Methods a Content Marketing Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

Again, realize no mistake; content marketing isn’t limited to writing blogs or essays.

It’s way beyond that.

Podcasts, idols, emails, videos, webinars, or social media berths, as long as they promote your business in a manner that is, all fall under the content marketing umbrella.

Add all these together, and what do you get?

Over 4.6 billion content parts rendered daily.

How do you stand out in this sea of noise pollution created by excessive content creation on the internet?

And how do you do it to still go on to grow your business with content market?

Excellent content marketing consultants don’t fear taking on these nerve assignments.

And some ways they can help you is what follows.

Develop a material commerce programme that drives growing

As I’ve mentioned, with billions of new material fragments penetrating the internet gap daily, there’s already information overload to contend with.

In today’s world, everyone thinks they’re imaginative.

And now there’s a tool to produce just about any content type in a breeze. So most organizations forget to take into account things like who they’re creating for, how they’ll find it, and how what they create assistances defined business objectives.

The result?

Sameness, which establishes birth to mediocrity.

That’s a abominable combining.

First, mediocrity leads to color blindness in the eyes of your target audiences, as they won’t know how to differentiate you from opponents. Likewise, churning out content with hard-earned reserves with good-for-nothing to show results in wastage of fund and time.

You don’t want those, right?

An outstanding material market consultant can help you to avoid them.

How will they do this, “youre asking”?

Developing a content commerce strategy provides you apart and drives KPIs for your business.

Takes into consideration who your target audiences are( the needs and requirements, challenges, hungers, goals, and where they hang out ). Identifies topics and gathers you need to create content around that supports the needs of your public and helps to position your business in a positive light-headed in their attentions. Outlines specific content kinds and formats establishing and how they’ll lead to defined business outcomes.

A consultant can help you to drive swelling by developing a content marketing programme that:

Creating a strategy takes substantial research and hands-on experience.

To avoid the perils most occupations impel with content commerce or continue to shoot content portions in the dark, are waiting for a supernatural, you’re better off hiring a consultant.

Increase awareness& generate site traffic

The amount of awareness and traffic you can drive to your website is about the first step in stretching your business online.

And online, prospects need to be aware of your business or know your site’s URL before they can visit your area.

But on my blog, even though I don’t know all the people who visit my area, I engender well over 3 million pilgrims organically per month.

So, how do I create awareness and get even people who don’t know me, or my articles’ URLs to visit my blog?

I use content marketing.

Take this material you’re reading, for example.

I don’t know you in person, and I bet you didn’t type this guide’s unique URL into your browser. But, somehow, you saw this blog and experiencing what you’re reading, right?

An outstanding material market consultant can help you to do the same.


By creating relevant content patches that show up on platforms your target audiences search for the services you render or the problems your business solves.

At my ad bureau, Neil Patel Digital, we call it the act of creating “content that matters to the people that matter: ”

Your purchasers could be on social media or use Google to search for information. It doesn’t matter.

Excellent consultants can still help your business build awareness and generate traffic on the scaffolds or plazas that are important.

And they can do this, expending the three gradations my ad bureau have used to drive emergence for startups and some large-scale labels across the world with content marketing:

Acquire brand mentions& backlinks

Google is still the holy grail as it concerns online research.

And if the need to rank on Google’s top sheets is critical to the volume of traffic your area( and business thereof) produces, you’ll need brand mentions and backlinks.

No doubt, composing high-quality, SEO-optimized content is the first step in the process.

But on its own, it won’t suffice.

You need brand mentions and backlinks to build credibility; thereby, increasing your chances of ranking those content slice higher on Google.

As proven by Backlinko’s study, the number of quality backlinks your content correlateds with its ranking arrange on Google and other search engines.

Acquiring backlinks or brand mentions isn’t a stroll in the park.

Hence, the need for a consultant.

A content marketing consultant can help you to get relevant, strategic brand mentions and backlinks that go beyond improving your rank but driving business aftermaths.

As I discussed in an earlier essay, “How to Build Quality Backlinks …( and brand mentions ), ” excellent consultants can do this by:

Leveraging public relations. Writing competitive, link-attracting content cases. Do an original study for your brand.Create an infographic.Align social media signals.Launch link-generating outreach campaigns, and others.

It’s best to work with a consultant on this because they’ll help you determine what programme would drive the most impact for your business.

Fuel your inbound market funnels& drive marketings

Sales moves are synonymous with online sell.


The first time when people visit your locate, most aren’t ready to buy. And good-for-nothing guarantees they will visit your place “where theyre”.

Hence, the need to convert site visitors into leads and fostering them into purchasers, consuming the traditional inbound marketing sales pour.

The screenshot above shows…

The different stages of an inbound commerce auctions move, from proselytizing site visitors into email customers or leads to nurturing them into patrons spurts with material.

To make the most out of this process, you’ll need a content commerce consultant.


A consultant will help you develop a plan to drive transaction and crowd your sales pour with leadings.

Depending on what they find from extensive investigate will work best for you, some approaches excellent consultants take to generate induces with material commerce are:

Content ameliorates. Guest posting. PPC ads.Webinar collaborations.Surveys, quizzes, and others.

Generating causes for your sales move, however, is only half the duel.

They’ll too have to develop content assets for each stage of the customer journey to nurture guides into customers via email strings.

The paces a consultant will take to this, as I shared in an earlier content case, gazes something like this:

Audit your causes and transition fractions. Segment your leads based on their unique excursions, andLaunch lead-nurturing safaruss.

The four styles I detailed above are some ways a material sell consultant can help to drive swelling for your business.

Did I discuss an expanse you need help with?



How to Get Started With a Content Marketing Consultant

Getting started with a material commerce consultant starts with you:

What are your business challenges? What areas do you need help with, as it concerns content marketing? What business outcomes do you want to achieve?

It’s best to have the answers to those questions at the back of your mind before endeavouring content sell consulting.


Because when you know what you need and the business outcomes you are trying to achieve, it streamlines your search for a consultant to those with know in the area you need help with.

Doing this leaves you with simply a few questions( how can you facilitate me ?) as you approach a consultant.

And because top content marketing consulting service providers expect this, that’s the question they rephrase back to you when you see their contact us page:

After you fill this inquiry form, the next step outstanding consultants make is to follow-up by reserve a discovery summon with you.

This call normally previous 30 -4 five minutes and is mostly held on Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

After this, most consultants make what you’ve shared with them( via the inquiry form you replenished and disclosure announcement) a step further by play-act in-depth research.

This research is to diagnose your business both the challenges and needs. And the result of this investigation being their recommended approaches and tactics to grow your business with content commerce.

Expect to receive these recommendations over a second discovery call or introduced into you via email.

The next pace?

If your conferences up to this point are positive, a consultant will send you a proposal and contract to work with you.

But going on to work with one should depend on whether 😛 TAGEND

You like “the panels recommendations” they propose will help to grow your business via material market. They’re super clear on their process to achieving results, and They consider you( and your business) a good fit for their services.

Exceptional content marketing consultants appraise their stature over a immediate cheque, so they won’t take over jobs they can’t deliver.

Besides, before you hire a material market consultant, it obligates sense to know how to measure the effectiveness of the service they’ll support you.

Let’s see some ways you can do that.

Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing Consulting Service

How you set the return on investment( ROI) from a material marketing consulting assistance varies according to what you hired a consultant to help you achieve.

Ultimately, moving marketings and revenue multiplications after working with a consultant is always an excellent way to measure the effects of any sell task.

But this won’t happen overnight.

And because it doesn’t happen overnight, if you see increases in the following key performance indicators( KPIs ), know that the consultant you hired is on the right track.

Increase in website traffic

Content marketing, when done right, drives traffic.

But the volume of traffic you drive via material sell doesn’t link with the number of content cases you display.

It starts with quality.

A consultant should know this, so you shouldn’t measure how many content parts they produce for your firm.

Instead, ensure they’re producing top-quality content and optimizing them to be discovered by your target audiences on the stages those publics hang out.

And how will you know if a consultant is doing this?

Your website traffic will increase, so track that.

Backlinks and brand mentions

Producing top-notch content has other benefits.

It generates organic backlinks from people who find your content slice insightful. In turn, this allows you to rank for competitive keywords likely to drive marketings.

External domains join back to your area via brand mentions and anchor links to specific articles on your site.

It’s hard to rank your place on search engines for competitive keywords without quality backlinks from reputable external sites.

Hence, by appraise the number of new backlinks the expert consultants renders to your website, you can measure if they’re doing an excellent job.

One more thing.

Track what is driving backlinks to your website. Doing this exposes if the consultant is using content to acquire associates for related keywords profitable to your business.

Number of brand-new heads and transition rate

What’s the top of engendering millions of monthly traffic if it doesn’t amount to new causes and sales for your business?


Hence, as you start working with a content sell consultant, give them some time to settle in, develop, and implement the strategy and tricks that’ll generate traffic.

After that?

You need to trail if they’re converting that traffic into new patrons or precedes for your marketings crew.

And how will you do this?

By measuring how much your conversion rate growths from traffic to new leads and how many of those induces convert into characterized sales opportunities and clients over specific time period.

You can do this by requesting the consultant to set up goals for you to keep track of in Google Analytics and through the analytics provided by your email service provider.

Finally, let me leave you with what to look out for when witnessing a content commerce consultant.

4 Point Checklist For Finding the Right Content Marketing Consultant

To hire a material marketing consultant that’s right for you, look out for the following attributes.

Do they have experience driving results from content marketing?

Charity, “theyre saying”, begins at home.

This rule applies to content marketing consulting service providers.

When finding the right one to work with, ever check if they practise what they urge.

In other statements, do they have proven experience, driving real results via content sell?

For example , not only do I use material commerce to drive about 3.5 million organic traffic monthly, but I make millions of high-quality backlinks from millions of organic keywords.

Based on these results, it’s safe to say that my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital, has proven experience with content marketing.

Always lookout for this.

Are they content marketing thought-leaders?

Exceptional consultants take it a gradation further than having the experience to drive business aftermaths via content sell.

They position themselves as thought masters.

And they do this by sharing detailed insights on strategies and tactics they have tried and tested works for driving growth via content market.

How to check if the expert consultants satisfies this criterion?

It’s easy.

Go on Google( or a relevant scaffold ), category content commerce along with the company or consultant’s name.

Do they have process to develop and implement content marketing programmes?

When finding the right material market consultant, ask for the tradition tools they developed for delivering their services.

Yes, material sell, even though it is a service hinged on talent, requires tools.

For consultants, you’ll find these tools in the form of battle-tested platforms.

Again, take my ad authority, Neil Patel Digital, for example.

We’ve developed an in-house SEO program powered by content commerce:

To ensure we leave no stone unturned, we’ve also developed a content marketing program specific to content creation and advertisement:

Do they have an impressive clients’ portfolio and relevant patron testimonials?

Finally, to identify if a material sell consultant is right for you, examine the companies in their portfolio.

Doing this will give you a sense of the caliber of businesses that cartel them:

And take one more pace further by looking at what past purchasers be talking about their services.

From now, you’ll see if customers they’ve is cooperating with revered their expertise, driving business outcomes via material market:

Conclusion: Choose a Content Marketing Consultant that’s Worth the Fee

As I said at the beginning of this guide, content market is complex.

And knowledge consultants you can rely on to develop and perform customized material market strategies unique to your business needs don’t come cheap.


Because such consultants go out of their highway to ensure you get a positive return on investment( ROI) for every dollar you invest in content marketing.

If you can’t get excellent consultants for inexpensive, how do you know if they’re worth their fee?

In most cases, past customers will testify to this 😛 TAGEND

Do you demand content commerce consultants that are worth their fee?

Then get in touch with Neil Patel Digital here.

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