This cognitiveSEO Talks- On Search and Traffic episode be brought to your attention a knot of rare SEO gratuities and jokes and a frank all-SEO exchange with Andrea Pernici, a premier technology patrolman specialized in search engine commerce, pattern, and technical SEO, to mention exactly a few.

From web analytics to mobile sell, HTML& CSS, Andrea has it all: enormous digital sell abilities, an superb understanding of the SEO landscape and a highly business-oriented approach. Hence, there is nothing to prevent you from listening to the talk below. We secure you a good shooting of know-how and a uncommon SEO approach you’ll learn a lot from.

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Andrea Pernici is the Co-Founder of Search On Media Group and CTO and Co-Founder of 3BMeteo and he’s been working in the SEO field since the year 2005. His environment of their skills and experience are very wide, from web analytics to design, scour marketing and technical matters like coding, programming.

Aside from being a great guy and a brilliant pro, you need to know that Andrea represented handball in the first league and if he were to choose another province to run apart from SEO, he would love to be a children works writer.

The future digital commerce directions is likely to be just “old stuff” with new reputations. andrea pernici ANDREA PERNICI SEO major consultant& CTO @andreapernici/

Andrea has a degree in Computer Science, he is also a teacher at various confs and, as himself confesses, he is sick for Web Performance, SEO, Web Marketing, CSS and he’s a Design lover. So, grab your write and diary, start listening to a great pro and experience a laid-back pursuing market familiarized powwow.

I fronted difficult periods when you advocate[ your clients] to be honest but they realise the competitors are not is sincere and they are ranking better than you andrea pernici ANDREA PERNICI SEO senior consultant& CTO @andreapernici/

Attacked Topics:

How the digital sell veers will change in 2019 What is SEO all been about What are the most important aspects of SEO GDPR( European Union General Data Protection Regulation) and SEO Top OnPage and OffPage higher-ranking ingredients that can help sites grade better The biggest mistakes digital marketers and SEO pros are doing nowadays How Google controls locally or in specific countries vs. how they operate globally The situate of abilities any SEO professional should have

Top 10 Marketing Pieces:

Google is very greedy of news articles, this is why it crawls a great deal; if you increase your response time even with a millisecond, you’ll increase your website’s abilities. 6: 29 Always try to use the free nonsense Google offers and simply with that you can obtain a lot of transitions. 9: 23 The technical( SEO) is the foundation of everything you do. 11: 35 Not always the search engine is the best place to find your client. 13: 41 The the outcome of those GDPR action could be that the rank would descent. 17: 21 A future tend for certain will be the increase in progressive web mobile apps. 20: 33 Developing lots of apps for lots of devices is often a waste of time. 21: 06 An on-page optimization tip-off everyone should follow: check your robots.txt first. 25: 57 You need to look at the SEO from a business attitude. Don’t is focussed on small things that cost money and have little wallop. 32: 33 The most important part is how you learn the big picture. You may know the technological nonsense, but if you don’t have the mindset to understand the things you will be required to do, you cannot be a great SEO. 45: 36

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