How to Create a Free Google Website for Your Business

A web presence is essential for getting found online, extremely these days. According to, roughly a third of consumers in the United Commonwealth look online for a regional business every day. It’s simple: websites was fundamental to attracting new customers.

A website proves precious in other behaviors, extremely, like showcasing your products and increasing leads-in. Nonetheless, your website doesn’t need to cost a rich and include the latest pieces. If you’re a small business that just wants to let purchasers know who you are and what you do, a free Google website may be just what you’re looking for.

What is Google’s Free Website Builder?

Google’s free website make is part of Google My Business and assistances customers discover you online.

When creating your website, Google takes the information in your GMB business profile and uses it for the building blocks of your website . Aside from some customization, you’re pretty much good to go from there.

Although there’s no expenditure, free Google websites are professional-looking and offering a selection of contemporary themes.

Google’s website builder is suitable for everyone, even for fledglings. There’s no need for technical expertise with a free Google website and no worries considering substantial backups.

Additional benefits with a free Google website are ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

You don’t need to rely on social media: Not every potential patron is on social media, and numerous may not be on the programmes you like best. Having a website of your own, where people can Google your honour or what you sell and find your report without ratifying in to Facebook or Twitter, can bring in those customers.Ease of use: One of the main benefits of a free Google website is its opennes, and it delivers great-looking websites. For instance, even the free copy of WordPress can seem overwhelming for the absolute novice, with menus, pages, sub-menus, etc. It provides the essentials: If you’re not looking for the whole e-commerce experience, then a free Google website is all you need for reaching out to a broader public.

Here are some more reasons why you should use a free Google website for getting online.

Why Should You Build a Website Using Google’s Free Tool?

Only 64 percent of small and medium-sized businesses have websites. Meanwhile, 70 percent of potential patrons are more likely to buy from a business with a website.

This intends 36 percent of businesses may be missing out on 70 percent of buyers.

Websites make organizations seem more legitimate, peculiarly if the website inspections professional. Google websites, which take almost no time to set up and involve minimum upkeep, can looks just like you spent hours of day and thousands of dollars to make it look great.

If Google’s free website does you found, why not take advantage of its informality of setup and free peculiarities?

Google Website Builder Features

The number one thing that sets Google’s business websites apart from others is the fact that it automatically concludes the place for you. You can alter things as there is a requirement to, but if you have a Google My Business account and select the website option, it automatically inhabits materials on a site for you working a template you choose.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you. A Google My Business free website gives you slew in accordance with the rules of boasts.

For instance, it provides you with built-in optimization so patrons can ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

contact or letter youplace ordersget paraphrases for servicesbook your services or organize transmissions

Additionally, a free Google website allows you to “showcase what utters your business special” via ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND


Other features worth mentioning are ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

integration with Google Maps and Calendarimage carousel and video linksconnection with Google Drive

Besides the above, Google gives you automated informs, push, and it’s mobile-friendly too.

As you can see, a free Google website offers a lot to the new business proprietor, but how does it are comparable to others?

Google Website Builder Versus WordPress and Other Similar Implements

The Google website developer one-page format shapes many other options in the candour stakes.

Additionally, it creates a website with almost no effort on your side, which is where Google’s product stands out from similar tools. It also gives you import portraits with a few cases clicks, and you can track analytics, so all in all, it offers you the essentials.

The other primary advantage over its contenders is you’re not starting from scratch, and you aren’t making all the decisions yourself.

Although it may seem basic to some, Google gives you a functional, great-looking website, and with some thought, it delivers superb reactions.

For inspiration, look at what Steel Mailboxdid with theirs. This Google business website starts with the basics that could be drew in from their business information( e.g ., the directions affair ).

Free Google Website - Steel Mailbox example

If you sounds the “hamburger” in the upper left, you consider options the company chose to add, which jump you to different page countries. One cool boast they contributed was a list of mailbox characters with brief definitions of each one. This allows people shopping for mailboxes to understand what character there is a requirement to without having to dig through Steel Mailbox’s non-Google site.

Free Google website - Steel Mailbox links to main site

If a customer sounded on one of those blue-blooded connects, they would be taken directly to the type of mailbox they’re looking for. If they went through the central site–and you can have both a simple Google business site and a more in-depth one–they would likely have to do more burrowing to find precisely what they need.

What a great feature for customers on the go.

When it comes to this type of website, perhaps its weakest domain is ongoing SEO optimization, but you can use a free or paid-for toolto find keywords and include them in your descriptions and posts.


While bloggers, Fortune 500 corporations, and small businesses use WordPress to build their websites, it’s actually a content management system.

You’ve two options for getting started. gives you the free version, while gives a paid one.

At the free tier, the most significant difference between Google and WordPress is that you can create multiple pages within your area, while Google has a one-page format.

Free Google website - competitor WordPress price levels

When you get to the paid heights, you can add added functions.

While WordPress volunteers many more runs than Google websites , no matter which height you use, you have to start from scratch. Nothing is auto-populated. Nevertheless, there are plenty of tutorials online if you’re time learning, and you won’t need to do any coding.


Wix is another free website developer, although it also offers premium and e-commerce plans too. Getting started is simple. Just sign up or log in with Facebook or Google to get started.

Free Google website vs Wix

Like WordPress, the free degree is relatively limited in functionality. If you’re willing to pay, though, you can access hundreds of templates, additional types of analytics, and more.

Wix provides 500 different templates, and its draw and lowering aspect intends fledglings can be utilized it without needing technical expertise.

Other features include ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

media galleriesmobile optimizationunlimited fontsa personalized SEO plan

Wix also caters coding for pilgrim tracking, while its analytics tool shows your auctions, traffic, and pilgrim behavior.

How to Customize Your Free Google Website

After you have set up your Google My Business sheet( detailed steps are in the next slouse ), you’ll be able to see your area free google website in a standard setup. You can then start customizing from there.

Free Google website - Google my business

The list nearest your test locate includes things you can do right now, like lend photos, textbook, and themes. The one farthest left includes ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND


Take some time to get to know these options and which each one does.

From the home page, you can also ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

finish your sketch by adding opening hours, descriptions, and logosupdate patrons on information and eventscreate a custom @ yourbusiness email addresslaunch virtue tours and create adverts

You can see the themes, supplemented paintings with a photo gallery, and edit your site’s categories from the other menu.

Free Google website - Tony's SEO Shop website example

To best set up your area, follow these steps ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Choose your topic: For customizing, the most obvious starting point is by looking at the topics. There are ten make their own choices, all with various colorings and wordings of textbook. Click on them one by one to see which topic most closely coincides your business’s style and the likenes you want to convey.Add Photos: Click on the top right-hand corner of the header visualize, draw your photo, or upload one from your computer. To supplement other idols, click on “photos” on the left-hand side.Editing: Edit text by clicking the blue “Edit” button under photos.Additional reforms: Click “More” to change provides, publish, or for the recommendations on coming purchasers.

It’s that easy! You’ve finished constructing your free Google website, and you should be ready to start getting noticed online.

How to Build Your Free Google Website

Before building your website, set up your Google my Business Page, if you haven’t already. Here’s how to do simply that.

Go to Google’s website builder.

You’re looking for the “website” heading. It’s the third one along at the top.

Add your business identify and click the blue arrow.

Add your business list.

If your service or manufacture isn’t crystal clear, add the class representing your firm the very best. Click “Next.”

Select your orientation advantages.

Now, Google asks if you want your business location to appear on your website. Either select “Yes, I want it to appear on my website” or “No, I prefer not to.” Depending on the type of business, you may need to include an address. Choose the appropriate alternative and click “Next.”

Choose if your business caters transmissions or services.

Choose if your business supports gives or services. This stair is optional.

Add your region and sound “Next.”

Add your telephone number.

Add your business address details, including country and zip code.

Verify your accout.

Do this by clicking on the “Home” page, which you’ll find at the top of the menu on the left, and following the “Verify” link.

You’re ready to start building your free Google website!

Create a Free Google Website FAQs

What Is the prime welfare of a free Google website?

Unlike its competitors, you’re not starting from scratch, and you aren’t making all the decisions yourself. Although it may seem basic to some, a Google site gives you a functional, great-looking website, and with some imagery, you’ll get superb results.

How do I set up a Google My Business Page?

Google plies step-by-step instructions.

Do I Need Technical Expertise to Build a Free Google Website?

No, a free Google website develops a professional-looking website with negligible input from you.

How Does a Free Google Website Compare With Its Challenger?

While other options offer additional boasts, Google outruns its entrants involving clarity and naturalnes of use.


Having an online presence is a necessity these days. If would-be purchasers can’t find your website, you’re likely missing out on clients.

However, construct a website doesn’t mean spending a lot of fund or needing technical expertise. Instead, you can begin by starting with a free Google website and placed it up in a few cases easy steps.

Once you’re online, you can start benefiting from added produces, more patrons, and strengthened conversions–all the things you need for increasing your business success rate and growing a thriving enterprise.

How has abusing a free Google Business website feigned your business?

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