How to Do Multiple Location SEO

Having multiple-location SEO enables businesses to attract website traffic from various states or countries across the globe.

It makes a lot of benefits to e-commerce transactions that render worldwide or international send. If you have it in place, you can expand your patron basi and quickly grow your business.

How to do multiple-location SEO? Here are some of the tips you need to know.

What Is Multiple-Location SEO?

To attract neighbourhoods from various orientations, you probably need to adopt a neighbourhood SEO strategy.

Imagine your business has dealerships or divisions in various cities or countries. You can perform variou fields or send produces internationally or worldwide.

How do you allure traffic from purchasers based on a particular location? The solution is multiple-location SEO.

Multiple-location SEO helps you improve your search traffic from various locales. This highway, neighbourhoods who start searches is attributable to your niche or services can see your website at the priorities in search results.

For instance, a search for McDonald’s in New York leads to Google search results with information on nearby limbs in the city.

multiple location SEO mcdonalds new york

If you were traveling to Las Vegas, you’d also find sprigs and website solutions about McDonald’s that are related to your location.

multiple location SEO mcdonalds las vegas

In short, multiple-location SEO gives search engines differentiate between multiple locations. Hence, local customers can get relevant information on the products and renders offered in nearby outlets.

If you demand more in-depth information about how the present working, check out my definitive guide to SEO.

What’s the Benefit of Multiple-Location SEO?

What attains multiple-location SEO good for business? Here are some of the benefits you need to know.

1. Boost Local Marketing Results

Taking advantage of Google’s multi-location SEO features can boost your marketing efforts.

Google gives location-based data, such as drop pins on digital delineates with information on your business’s exact address, opening hours, and other relevant information. First-time customers can also use the “Street View” function to find your outlet easily.

For example, when a sightseer examines “Starbucks near me” on Google, you’ll get a map with information on nearby outlets, links to their website, and directions.

multiple location SEO starbucks

2. Attract Local Customers

Of course, multiple-location SEO can captivate more regional patrons within the vicinity of your outlet.

According to website designing firm Go Gulf, 46 percent of all Google search results pertain to local intelligence. Also, 72 percentage of consumers that conducted a local research toured a storage within five miles from their current location.

These multitudes show incorporating a multiple-location SEO approach is in the interests of business.

When patrons sought for a local establishment offering a specific product or service, the search results will present the neighbourhood ventures that specialising in it.

Food admirers based in Washington, D.C. looking for a restaurant can conduct a search for “restaurants Washington.” Popular diners in the field will be displayed in the search results.

multiple location SEO - restaurants washington

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Multiple-location SEO can increase awareness of your product or service by increasing traffic to product pages.

When clients use keywords related to your business’s furnishes, your commodity pages could appear in the exceed search results.

Imagine a brand-new occupant browsing for pieces for his apartment in Washington, D.C. He deports pursuits like “mattress Washington, ” or “furniture Washington.” Businesses that are optimized for SEO within these places will appear at the top of search results.

The bottom line is adopting a neighbourhood SEO strategy can increase marketings. Industries who want to improve their visibility in a neighbourhood country aimed at enhancing their regional presence.

Should E-Commerce Transactions Optimize for Multiple Site?

More buyers have shifted to e-commerce because it is fast and convenient.

The unique advantage of e-commerce is its ability to cater to customers from various locations, states, or countries.

Even if your e-commerce business is based in the U.S ., your online patronize will be viewable to purchasers in countries like France, Italy, or Germany. All you need to do is enable international send, and you’re all set.

Sadly, international customers won’t be able to find your business if they can’t find you on the search engine. Hence, choosing a multiple-location SEO strategy is crucial for your business’s profits.

Multiple-location SEO is not merely about enticing traffic to your website. You can also use it to attract customers to your regional website and establish unique pages and material for a particular location.

Let’s say you’re a robe retailer catering to international customers.

Online accumulates in Singapore may offer different produces compared against your e-commerce store based in the U.S. As a outcome, you can build a multiregional site to accommodate shoppers within these locations.

An example is draping retailer Uniqlo, which has an online website for Singapore.

multiple location SEO uniqlo singapore

It has a separate online store for US consumers.

multiple location SEO uniqlo united states

With multiple-location SEO, Singaporean consumers will be redirected to your Singapore website. They’ll be able to view concoctions which they can purchase and ship to their residences. Likewise, buyers based in the U.S. will likewise experience these same benefits.

Furthermore, you can adjust to neighbourhood trends and create exclusive product lines that interest local buyers. When buyers search for these products, they’ll view them on your neighbourhood website.

Steps to Optimize for Multiple Location

How can you optimize your place for multiple locations? Here are some tip-off you need to know.

1. Create a Page for Each Location on Your Website

The first step is to create sheets based on your business’s or consumers’ location.

You can get this done by building a logical website organize to make it easy for search engines to find landing sheets dedicated to a particular area.

For example, if your e-commerce store had many locatings, then you can adopt the following URLs 😛 TAGEND places/ newyork( for a specific state) locations/ newyork/ manhattan( for a specific district)

Let’s say you have a store at East River Plaza in Manhattan. Then, you can use the following URL 😛 TAGEND locations/ manhattan/ east-river-plaza

2. Optimize Each Page for the Location

Google won’t know your page is for a specific location unless you step up our efforts to optimize it.

This involves including the location in your entitlement tag and meta description. Consider this pursuit ensue for eateries in New York City. The deed, URL, and description have the keywords “restaurant New York City, ” which have contributed to it pay a top spot in the search results.

multiple location SEO new york restaurants

3. Create Localized Content for Each Location

Next, you’ll have to create localise content based on the products and services available in a particular location.

E-commerce places with definite products and services based in each region could consider creating the following landing sheets 😛 TAGEND

Store location: Create dedicated property pages with information about your physical stores( if any ). Ideally, this should include your opening hours, address, map with your point pinned, and directions.Images: Add photos of your physical outlets( if any ). Product pages: For makes available in a particular location merely, organize commodity pages optimized based on location. For lesson, the McDonald’s Korea website has a menu sheet on the basis of their current site.

multiple location SEO mcdonald's korea

Service pages: Describe the services offered you volunteer in the particular location.Blog affixes: Create blog berths designed to attract local patrons based in a particular region.

These tries ensure neighbourhood customers will find information that is relevant to them when they check out your website and make a purchase.

4. Sign up for Google My Business

Create a Google My Business account with listings for each locating of your business.

You can check out my blog announce on How to Optimize Google My Business to learn the basics about creating your listing.

A good register should include basic business datum, concoction photos, recollects, and social media pages. According to BrightLocal, 5 percent of Google My Business listing intuitions lead to calls, sounds, or investigates about the direction.

Take, for example, this listing for Miyako Sushi based in Pennsylvania. The leaning includes reviews from the web, popular ages, website connection, address, contact information, and any other pertinent facts to consumers.

multiple location SEO miyako sushi

This Google listing has all the information that consumers need to learn about the business. They can make an seek, spoke evaluations, and inspect the website with the sound of a button.

5. Showcase Reviews

Consumers regularly sought for recollects 7.1 before considering a purchase from an online store.

According to the State of Online Reviews by Podium Market Research, 93 percent of consumers said online evaluates could influence their buying decision.

A Bright Local study found transitioning from a 3-star to a 5-star average rating on Google can lead to 25 percentage more sounds. Business that achieved a 5-star rating also took around 69 percentage of clinks in the regional investigation, overpowering other adversaries by a large margin.

Customers can easily write a review by clicking on your Google My Business listing.

Let’s use the previous instance on Miyako Sushi and look at the reviews.

Shortly after, you’ll be able to view a pop-up with an option to “Write a Review” in the upper-right corner.

multiple location SEO write a review

To get more critiques, create an email asking customers to leave a review after making their purchase. You can also share examines or evidences to encourage customers to share their experiences with your business.

For better results, you could demonstrate patrons a small incentive to leave a review, such as certificates or freebies.

6. Create Local Business Listings for Each Location

Besides Google, you can create regional business listings on websites like Yelp and Bing to improve your regional search results.

Similar to Google My Business listings, this should include relevant business information such as location, hours, and directions.

Here’s an example of a inventory on Yelp for the Atlanta Breakfast Club 😛 TAGEND

multiple location SEO atlanta breakfast club

As you can see, there’s crucial business message, such as links to reviews, state and safety measures, website relates, and contact info. This information will help you attract neighbourhood clients or sightseers experimenting breakfast eateries in the area.

As we’ve mentioned previously, shoppers cherish ventures with recollects, so question consumers to leave a review on these roll websites. In lawsuit there are any negative evaluations, be sure to respond so you can satisfy forestalled customers and increase your median evaluation rating.

You can also include links to these registers on location-specific sheets on your website. This way, purchasers will be able to get the information they need with the sound of a button.

7. Build Backlinks for Each Location

Backlinking is a crucial part of variou SEO.

Businesses who want to improve their rank across multiple locations will need to build backlinks to individual pages for each site on their website.

You can get this done by reaching out to bloggers in your community.

If you own a restaurant, consider coming in contacts with a meat blogger so they can write a blog post or refresh about their experience. You can also get in touch with vloggers in your place to announce video material about your eatery online.

Host or participate in incidents within their own communities to get featured on regional websites. Partner with organizations that can help you make an impact and build a link with regionals. Network with writers who can get you took part in sensational happens and get you published in local publications.

The more backlinks you pay, the more likely you will boost your standings in neighbourhood search results.


Multi-location SEO can bring a lot of benefits to your business.

Not exclusively does it provide you with an opportunity to increase brand awareness, but you’ll too allure regional consumers. Since countless people impart local rummages, you can even improve your customer acquisition results.

To reap the benefits of this SEO strategy, you’ll have to create a page for spots relevant to your business and optimize the page. Afterward, get the examinations and organize neighbourhood business listings so clients will have a good the assessments of your business.

Follow the steps in this post, and you’ll be on your acces to increasing local freight to your website.

How will you do multiple-location SEO for your business?

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