It makes over four hours to write the average blog post. The last thing you want to do is tack on the hours it can take to brainstorm topics to write about.

But is there a inexpensive and effective direction to identify the best target keywords and topics to blog about? Luckily, yes.

In this article, I’ll cover the best free content generation tools and how to use them( sometimes together !) to help you make content feelings that increase your website’s authority and qualified traffic.

Powerful Tools You Can Use to Generate Content Ideas

Feeling stumped on blog upright notions or don’t know where to start looking? Content generation tools like Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, Quora, and even Pinterest can help you unearth hundreds of content ideas in instants.

Some implements, like Ubersuggest, can even be used in multiple ways to find content ideas–and I’ll walk you through each of those methods in the sections below.

1. Use Ubersuggest’s Free Keyword Ideas Tool

I must admit, I might be biased–Ubersuggest is my own implement. I’m not the tool’s only devotee though–Ubersuggest is a content marketing and SEO tool now trusted by 500,000 corporations and counting.

Ubersuggest’s material ideas tool not only gives you keyword doctrines but too say to you how hard it is to rank in Google for these keywords.

Search for a keyword like” content market programme” and click on” Keyword Ideas” in the left side menu.

How to Generate Content Ideas  - Head to Ubersuggest

Not only will you get a list of potential keywords be attributed to your search, but it comes with juicy information like 😛 TAGEND

probe volumecost per click( CPC) paid difficultySEO difficulty

generate content ideas with ubersuggest's keyword ideas tool

What does this mean for you?

Well, you can quickly see how hard it is to rank for a keyword.

When you’re starting out and your domain authority( DA) is lower, you’re going to struggle to get onto the front page of Google if you’re targeting keywords with a high difficulty rating.

Using Ubersuggest, you can filter out the keywords that are too competitive for you right now and focus on the best content suggestions for your website.

Number of potential content doctrines: 20 to 35

2. AnswerThePublic

Answering users’ hunting queries is the cornerstone of a solid SEO strategy. You need to create content that targets users’ most pressing concerns.

How do you find users’ questions and make sure you’re creating content around their biggest predicaments? Head over to AnswerThePublic, which over 20,000 enterprises use.

Simply type in a keyword like” material sell programme ,” and you’ll get a massive inventory of questions related to the term.

How to Generate Content - Use Answer The Public Tool

Switch to the ” Data ” examine, and you’ll hear hundreds of queries broken up into different categories, such as 😛 TAGEND


use answer the public to generate content ideas

How to Generate Content Ideas  - Head to Answer The Public

It’s hands down one of the most wonderful and fastest ways to generate content ideas in minutes.

The best part? It’s free, and you can export the data into a. CSV file.

Once you have your spreadsheet, hop onto Ubersuggest to filter the utterances you can rank for and start building your content marketing calendar.

Remember, formerly you have your main keyword, you can still use the other pertained queries to compile a list of semantic keywords for your blog post.

Number of potential content theories: 20 to 35

3. Look at Questions on Ubersuggest

According to a recent study, 14.1 percent of Google rummages are in the form of issues and questions.

Another way to find and target keywords with questions related to your industry is the ” Questions ” invoice in Ubersuggest. Same to AnswerThePublic, you’ll get questions boasting your main keyword.

Instead of focusing on a highly competitive keyword like” material commerce approach ,” you could opt for something easier like” how to use content marketing .”

use questions to generate content ideas

Essentially, both keywords touch on the same thing, but by tweaking your focus to a utterance with less contender, you’ll improve your chances of ranking on Google’s first page.

With the first organic rummage make having an average click-through rate( CTR) of 28.5 percent, the second dropping to 15 percentage, and the 10 th importance merely coming a 2.5 percentage CTR, grading as high as possible on the first page is crucial for your success.

Another thing to keep in mind when combing through these questions is to note the ones you can use within your blog pole. Maybe one will work great as an H2 or H3 header, while another can fit in naturally within your text.

Remember, the more keywords you can naturally fit into your blog posts, the more opportunities you have to rank. Plus, it builds a solid semantic keyword delineate that Google enjoys and promotes over keyword stuffing.

Number of potential content projects: 5 to 10

4. Look at Related Tab on Ubersuggest

We all get stuck in ruts. Sometimes you exactly run out of ideas.

When this happens, the Related tab on Ubersuggest can help.

How to Generate Content Ideas  - Look at Related Tabs on Ubersuggest

Click on it, and you’ll instantaneously get a list of keywords related to the main topic.

For example, I probed” content marketing approach .”

It’s a highly competitive keyword phrase, but scrolling down the Related search results resulted me to “create a content marketing strategy.”

It has a low-spirited SEO difficulty and a exploration magnitude of 90.

generate content ideas with ubersuggest's related tab

If I were building a brand-new blog around material marketing, this would be an excellent content idea to help me gain resistance in the search results. I could create a post titled” How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy .”

Number of potential content hypothesis: 20 to 35

5. Head Over to Content Ideas in Ubersuggest

Unsure if a content mind is going to resonate with your audience?

Click on “Content Ideas” in the left side menu of Ubersuggest and take a penetrating dive into what topics are hot or not.

This feature shows a list of the best performing content for a keyword and cracks it down by approximated site visits, backlinks, and social shares.

Going back to the” material commerce approach” speciman, it’s a relevant topic. The motto is getting hundreds of shares on social media, which entails beings find it useful and want to share it.

While you’re here , greenback which social media platform accompanies in “the worlds largest” shares. In this illustration, “youre seeing” Facebook is outperforming Pinterest.

That utters sense–most customers go onto the platform for Pinterest lists like home decor notions, manner, recipes, or wander material. It’s not a go-to resource for topics around digital marketing.

Facebook, on the other hand, is a different story. People share newsworthy, supportive, or inspirational content on the stage.

When planning your content theories, focus on the scaffold that will bring in the shares and write for that audience.

Number of potential content feelings: 5 to 10

6. Look at Your Competitors’ Backlink Profile

Writing useful content for your public should only be one part of your material marketing strategy.

The second percentage should be getting backlinks.

Over 90 percentage of sheets get no organic freight from Google, chiefly because they don’t have any places attaching to their website.

Backlinks are one of Google’s most important ranking causes. The best backlinks are from high-pitched dominion locates attaching to your content.

These associates tell the algorithm your material is also high-quality and trustworthy.

The more tone backlinks you have, the higher you’ll appear in the search results, and the more you’ll boost your chances of landing in the coveted top spot.

In Ubersuggest, you can use the backlinks tool to see how many backlinks each sheet has and which websites are connecting to their content.

This information is valuable because it gives you an idea of how many backlinks you’d need to outrank your contestants and their most popular blog berths. Plus, it gives you an indication of which websites you can approach as one of the purposes of your link-building strategy.

Here’s how to use the Ubersuggest backlinks tool 😛 TAGEND

Click on the Backlinks link from the left side menu.Enter a URL or domain of a competitor.Start analyzing the backlinks profile report.

generate content ideas using the ubersuggest's backlinks tool

This report will allow you to see which websites are joining to your competitor’s surface sheets, the linchpin verse, the page and domain authority, as well as when the link was last seen.

How to Generate Content Ideas - Use Backlinks Tool on Ubersuggest

How does this help you generate content meanings?

It helps you create a list of keywords you can target. If you think you can write a better slouse of content than one that a website is currently linking to, do it.

Once it’s live, you can approach those backlink websites with your more comprehensive resource and hopefully sway the site proprietor to link to you as well or instead.

Number of potential content ideas: 5 to 10

7. Search Your Keywords on Quora

Sometimes it’s hard to think of what keywords or questions your public has about the problem you solve.

That’s okay. There’s an easy fix to get around your intelligence gloom and detect the matters that keep your audience up at night.

The solution? Quora.

The favourite question and refute site is a treasure chest of content intuitions. With over 300 million active monthly customers and 300, 000 topics plastered, there’s a good chance your public is on the site asking questions you can solve.

Let’s workshop through an example.

Start with a keyword related to your business, industry, or customer’s profession. This could be anything like Facebook ads, digital marketing, or business development representatives.

Enter it in the search bar, and when the brand-new page consignments, click on ” Questions” in the left side menu.

How to Generate Content Ideas - Use Quora

Here you’ll find a schedule of the issues parties request on that topic. You can use a “By Time” filter option if you want to narrow your search to see results from the past hour, daylight, week, month, or year.

generate content ideas with quora

Go through the questions and make a list of the terms you want to target in your material marketing strategy.

Without even looking at the answers, “youre seeing” which both the challenges and questions come up the most for a specific topic.

When you’re done writing your register of suggestions, take your topics and vet each one in Ubersuggest to create your final roll. To vet special topics, pop them into Ubersuggest and make sure they are getting decent search traffic, aren’t extremely competitive, how to term the title and headers in your upright, etc.

Number of potential content feelings: 20 to 30

8. Use Pinterest’s Search Functionality

Pinterest is a gold mine: It’s not only a great locate for conclusion new recipes, but it’s a powerful search engine that allows you to generate hundreds of content ideas.

Furthermore, shoppers on Pinterest spend two times more per month than people on other stages. This means Pinterest users are highly motivated, and you can learn a lot from what they’re searching.

However, there is a catch. Pinterest only labours if your principle audience is has been dragging on on the site.

If you’re a cyber-security business, you’re not going to find beings typing in keywords like” what are common cyber security threats .” If you have a visual product or service that’s popular on Pinterest, nonetheless, you’ll detect more than fairly ideas.

For example, let’s say your business specializes in home decor.

Type the keyword into the Pinterest search bar, and you’ll assure two things 😛 TAGEND

A drop-down menu peculiarity generally probed mottoes be attributed to your keyword.A string of keyword suds.

generate content ideas using pinterest

Both alternatives can point you in the right direction of what beings are searching for and spark impressions for new content.

For example, you could write a blog post on” home decor plans for the bedroom” or” wintertime home decor .”

How to Generate Content Ideas - Use Pinterest

The pre-fill menu and keyword bubbles tell you these mottoes are customarily examined and are a good gauge your material will do well on the platform.

Number of potential content theories: 20 to 30

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Generate 100 Content Ideas

What tools can I use to generate 100 content ideas?

You can use these implements to generate 100 content hypothesis: Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, Quora, and Pinterest.

How do I get unique material for my blog?

You can create unique content for your blog by investing time in keyword research and writing it yourself( no plagiarism !) or hiring a content novelist.

What performs content successful?

Content is successful when it is valuable to your audience and ranks on the first sheet of Google, bring back prepared traffic to your website.

How do I make content based on keywords?

You can engender material ideas based on keywords via keyword experiment. Use a implement like Ubersuggest to find low-pitched competition and high search volume keywords. Create content around those keywords once you have found your “low-hanging fruit.”

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You can use these tools to generate 100 material suggestions: Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, Quora, and Pinterest.


” @type”: “Question”,

“name”: “How do I get unique material for my blog? “,


” @type”: “Answer”,

“text”: ”

You can create unique content for your blog by investing time in keyword research and writing it yourself( no infringement !) or hiring a material columnist.


” @type”: “Question”,

“name”: “What shapes material successful? “,


” @type”: “Answer”,

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Content is successful when it is valuable to your gathering and ranks on the first page of Google, bringing in qualified traffic to your website.


” @type”: “Question”,

“name”: “How do I generate content based on keywords? “,


” @type”: “Answer”,

“text”: ”

You can generate content theories based on keywords via keyword investigate. Use a tool like Ubersuggest to find low contender and high search volume keywords. Create content around those keywords once you have found your “low-hanging fruit .”


Conclusion: How to Generate 100 Content Ideas

Generating content plans can be challenging. That’s why the top bloggers know you need to use tools to keep a steady creek of notions, and to ensure you’re creating material that your public actually misses.

Of course, come through here with new ideas is only the first step.

Next, you need to create high-quality content your public wants to read and tie it all together with a solid backlink strategy.

Tools like Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, Quora, and Pinterest can help you with all aspects of your content sell strategy, from generating content ideas to backlink building.

With these methods and implements in place, you can start climbing up the search engine answers, boost your firebrand awareness, and attract caliber leads to your business.

How do you render content suggestions for your business?

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