How to Run Spotify Ads

There was a time when Pandora was all the rage. Everyone everywhere was streaming music, listening, and sharing it with their friends. In came Spotify and in no time, the programme contacted 345 million customers.

Spotify now has 34 percent of the market share compared against Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others. What does all of this means for you? It represents Spotify ads are popular, and advertise on this platform could make a significant difference in your business.

In this upright, we’re breaking down every last detail you need to know about Spotify ads and how to set them up.

Spotify Ads: What You Need to Know

If you’re considering flowing Spotify ads, there are a few important factors you’re likely “ve been thinking about”. How much does it cost, what types of ads do the government has, and how do they dally the ads on the pulpit?

Here are more details so you can securely understand all the minor details before I discuss how to set up and lope your ads.

Spotify Ads Cost

There was a time when Spotify merely dealt with enormous symbols with large-hearted bank account. The overhead for awareness-raising campaigns previously was $25,000. But that’s not the case anymore.

Spotify has opened the doors to smaller companies and labels by setting up a self-service Spotify Ads Studio where it is possible determined your budget at $250 and let it go from there.

The process of entreat on eyeballs is similar to Facebook and other social networks, and your ads will vary in toll based on deliverability and target audience. The actual cost you’ll pay can differ will vary depending on the rivalry but most bribe between $. 015 and $. 025 every time your ad is served.

To convert, person will either click or sounds based on the device they’re abusing, and you can then bring them to your target page. The destination page will likewise play a role in the success of your Spotify ad because of relevancy. If you’re unsure how to set up a sales page or mooring sheet, we have plenty of available resources to help you.

Ad Types

Once you’ve influenced publicize on Spotify fits into your budget, you’ll want to consider the type of ad format that will work best for your business. Advertising on a music and podcast stream scaffold may not work for everyone, but there are a variety of different methods and demographics to target.

Here are the different types of ad puts you can run 😛 TAGEND

All Platforms

The first is the simplest way: moving your ad on all stages. This means your ad will reach your target audience no matter what device they’re exerting, and the ads will play in between carols when useds are active on the stage. You also get a clickable parade cell so people can click or sounds it and go to your target URL.

If you’re experimenting with promote on Spotify, starting this room will help you understand who receives your ads and who converts. When you’re firstly starting, you don’t have any data about how well the ad will perform and who will respond to it the best. As a upshot, widening your deliverability will help you collect the data so you can narrow it down later on.

Sponsored Sessions

These types of ads display on mobile and tablet only. Sponsored sessions represent 30 hours of uninterrupted music or podcast in exchange for the user watching a full-length advertisement.

At the start of a mobile session, the subscribers receives a inspire that makes them the option to watch a snippet of the video. Then, they can continue watching it until the end in return for 30 minutes of uninterrupted music. At this item, they can accept the offer or click away and continues its regular programme circulars for the duration of their session.

This could potentially work well if you have an ad you know proselytizes. Instead of playing a small snippet and trying to get people to alter in between their discussions, you can play the whole thing right in the beginning and potentially get someone to decide before they begin listening to something and won’t want to click away.

Video Takeover

This ad strategy is a powerful one that displays on portable and tablet only. Now instead of merely audio, you get a complete video that provisions a more fee knowledge for the subscribers and helps to meet your ad emerge more engaging. It comes with a clickable friend gang so users can click over to your target URL.


The overlay ad is a fixed-advertisement displaying when someone returns to the app. There’s no audio or video, and it resembles a flag ad like you would encounter on an app or website.

Homepage Takeover

This type of ad simply works on desktop and it’s a standard display advertisement. You’ll earn yourself a smudge on Spotify’s Homepage for 24 hours with a clickable ad that is compatible with rich media. You can include interactive components to impel the ad more engaging.


On desktop and the web player, you can display this type of ad on the Spotify leaderboard for 30 seconds.

Sponsored Playlists

The patronized playlist works on all platforms and allows you to reach the most listeners by serving as a sponsor of Spotify. Your ad parades on Spotify’s patronized playlists so you virtually own the real estate when you choose this type of ad placement. As person listens to the playlist, exclusively your ads will expose as they stream it.

Why Should You Run a Spotify Ad Campaign

While Pandora deemed the market share of music listeners and streamers for many years, Spotify has stepped in and grown to more than 345 million monthly observers and 199 million ad-supported users.

That’s a lot of eyeballs and ears to contact with your advertisements. With the prologue and success of the Ad Studio, they’ve made it possible for firebrands and businesses of all sizes to advertise on the scaffold. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you may want to consider Spotify for your ads.

Spotify Ads Can Drive Revenue for Your Business

One of the primary reasons anyone publicizes anything is to increase brand awareness. We may not always be looking forward to a alteration or a special action to take place; sometimes we’re merely trying to get the word out and let people know we’re here.

Spotify is a great way to do this because a majority of the ad types play in between music when someone is already tuned in and acquainted to listening even if they know it’s an advertisement. If you create an engaging ad with interesting audio and video, you may be able to get the attention you want on this platform.

Spotify Helps You Create Excellent Ads

Spotify volunteers so many resources to help their advertisers generate the best ads they can. They’re on your surface and they want to see their patrons replace because ads are what pay the bills.

In addition to offering a variety of ad know-hows as referred to, they also give an motley of free assistances like voice-over actors, dialogues, background music, and different audio effects.

The Spotify ads-free assistances too allow you to choose which type of business you are and your goal with the advertising. You can choose between types of businesses or symbols and a destination, such as driving revenue or building awareness.

Spotify Ads Help You Reach Engaged Listeners

One thing I find separates advertising on a stream pulpit like Spotify in comparison to Instagram or Facebook ads is this: People are already listening. They’re tuned in, they want to listen, and even if they’re not so pleased to see you both the ad, they’re still listening.

People are engaged with whatever it is they hear and opportunities are they intend on sticking around for a while. Whether the government has headphones in, they’re at the gym, they’re cleaning their home, whatever it is; they’re listening.

If you’re suffice an interesting ad to the right audience, you’ll cling on the feeling commitment of a person 15 percent better than other publicizing platforms.

Not to mention the number of targeting demographics help you narrow down your ad to ensure you reach the emotionally involved audience. You can target based on listening activity, category, mood, senility, contemporary, location, behavior, listening experience, and much more.

Spotify Users Spend More Time on the Platform

Spotify consumers in North America spend an average of 140 minutes a day listening to the content on the scaffold. That cause meets it one of the top 10 more popular apps in the world. That’s around 70 hours per month, per user.

How to Set Up a Spotify Ad Campaign

Now I want to break down the steps “youre supposed to” take to create your first ad with some Spotify ad examples.

1. Create Account

creating a spotify ads account

The first step is to create an account if you don’t have one once. You’ll enter standard information about yourself and your business. Once you’ve appointed your detail, it will bring you to a dashboard like the one below. From here, we can get started on setting up our first Spotify ad.

spotify ads dashboard

2. Set Your Budget, Objectives, and Schedule

spotify ads studio

Now, you’ll name your campaign and select an objective. For this instance, I’m offering half off my authority services for the month and the goal of this ad is to increase brand awareness.

choosing your spotify ads platform

On the next sheet, you’ll choose which type of ad format and scaffold you demand. You can choose between audio or video and pick the programme you want to display the ad as well.

setting your spotify ads schedule and budget

Once you’ve said and done, you’ll choose the ad schedule for when you are ready to the ad to start, stop, and what time of day you’d like to display it. You can also placed your budget limit so if you reach a certain budget, the ad will stop displaying so you don’t run over.

3. Define Your Target Audience

defining your spotify ads target audience

Next, you’ll choose your target audience based on their country, locale, zip code, senility, gender identity, interests, context, music genre, and more. I’m impressed with high levels of targeting Spotify has. They allow you to narrow it down.

Most of you won’t narrow down that much in the start until you gather data, but this tells me Spotify has a lot of data on its useds, which is good from an advertising perspective.

4. Create Your Ad

creating your spotify ads

On the next sheet is where you’ll create your ad. You can upload a video, add an persona, and decide which type of call-to-action you require. Spotify will show you what your ad looks like on both mobile and desktop.

5. Monitor Your Ad’s Success

Once you’ve organized your ad, the only thing left to do is monitor its success. They volunteer plenty of analytics in the back end to keep track of all the data and determine how you’ll want to narrow down your public over duration. Starting as wide-reaching as possible will help you gather as much data as possible right away so they are able to picture who is receiving your ad, who is converting, and who is not.


You’ve seen the back end of the powerful Spotify ads manager and you’ve seen how to set up an ad from top to bottom. The only thing left to do now is to give it a spin and see if it works for your business and your brand.

Be sure to have a customer avatar in intellect as you set up your ad, and don’t be afraid to positioned content out there that’s less than perfect. The most important thing is you’re place your brand out there to increase awareness, and it doesn’t have to be 100 percent excellent all the time.

Do you think Spotify is a viable advertising avenue for small businesses? Why or why not?

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