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According to a study by HubSpot, over 30 percent of marketers say Facebook Ads render the most prominent return on investment.

Struggling to see ROI with your ads? You’re not alone.

It’s tough making a Facebook ad that stands out, entreaties to your gathering, and proselytizes. Then there are all the different ad formats to consider, spawning sure your images transfer the text checker, writing the emulate, getting final creative approval-and that’s all before you set up targeting inside the Ads Manager.

If you’re over throwing coin at ads and not seeing your conversion paces improve, Facebook Creative Hub could be the answer to your woes.

The platform is incredibly potent for obtain strategies the top labels are using and implementing them into your artistic before you made publish.

By the time you finish reading this pole, you’ll have a solid to improve understanding of ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

What the Facebook Creative Hub isWhy you need to use it as a marketerHow to use the Creative Hub and what metrics to move

What Is Facebook Creative Hub?

The Facebook Creative Hub is an incredible piece designed to help you create better Facebook Ads. At its core, it’s an ad mock-up generator create it easy for you to create, evaluation, remember, and share ads before you smacked “Publish.”

However, Facebook Creative Hub isn’t an average ad mock-up tool.

It’s a powerful lane to find inspiration for your next expedition. Browse real-life examples from top brands, filter by ad character, and view their accurate policies for success.

What Value Does the Facebook Creative Hub Provide for Marketers?

As I has already mentioned, Facebook Creative Hub is so much more than a full render of your creativity.

Here are some of the biggest benefits marketers can expect from the Facebook Creative Hub.

Find Inspiration

When Creative Hub first launched, a” Get Inspired” button helped you stumble across successful advertising campaign. Today, the button is long gone, but the inspiration page is still alive and well.

Filter by ad format and adopt from ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

photovideocarouselinstant experiencestoriesMessenger

Filter by a programme such as ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

FacebookInstagramMessengerAudience Network

You can also browse the Featured and Leaderboard parts for even more ad inspiration.

Once you’ve found something you like, click the” Create Mockup” button and start developing!

Create Ad Mock-Ups Like a Pro

Are you a little terrified when it comes to creating mock-ups? Or do “youre feeling” as a busy marketer, it’s simply a waste of time?

Facebook Creative Hub is here to manufacture the entire process quick and effortless while helping you see more ROI with your Facebook Ads.

Simply click the” Create Mockup” button, and you’ll enter a screen where you can see exactly what the final product of your ad will look like.

By combining your ad revelation and the editor, you’re prepare yourself up to create a potent Facebook Ad.

Make Sure Your Images Won’t Sink Your Reach

If you’ve created Facebook Ads in the past, you’ll know the platform is strict on which personas get approved.

Use something with too many statements over your graphic, and your reaching will plummet.

Creative Hub tells you run your likeness through the mock-up editor and its built-in text checker. It will instant tell you if your idol will negatively or positively impact your ad performance.

Share Ad Mock-Up With Your Team

Once you’ve added your epitomes, ad copy, tie-in, and call-to-action, you can generate a link to share with your team.

The link is active for 30 eras, and you can use it to get feedback from anyone to see if they’ve got intuitions for improvement.

Or, you can use it as a direction to share the artistic with your patron before the ad leads live. The tie will show the user exactly how the ad will look in all the different formats, uttering purchasers a clear view of what to expect.

How to Use the Facebook Creative Hub

Ready to start creating your highest converting Facebook Ads more? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your mock-ups in Creative Hub.

1. Where to Find Facebook Creative Hub

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click on the grid of nine blocks. A menu will pop up. If Creative Hub isn’t in your shortcuts, scroll down to the ” Advertise ” area and click on it.

Next, Facebook will take you to the mock-up screen to start building your ad.

facebook creative hub - where to find it

2. Pick a Feed Placement in Facebook Creative Hub

The first step in creating your ad mock-up is choosing a placement.

What is a Facebook ad placement? It’s all the different places where your ad can show up on the pulpit. Choosing the right one comes down to your campaign objective and your audience.

For example, if you’re a way brand targeting Gen Z, you’ll want to focus on Instagram. It’s the generation’s primary canal for breakthrough and patronizing, with 58 percent using the app to discover brand-new labels and makes.

You have 16 feed placements make their own choices ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Facebook FeedsInstagram FeedsFacebook MarketplaceFacebook Video FeedsFacebook Right ColumnInstagram ExploreMessenger InboxInstagram StoriesFacebook StoriesMessenger StoriesFacebook In-Steam VideosFacebook Search ResultsFacebook Instant ArticlesAudience Network NativeAudience Network Rewarded VideosAudience Network In-Stream Videos

Click on the “Expand” button by the placement you would like to concentrate on for your inventive. It will open a pop-up, and you can see what your ad will look like on desktop, mobile, and other views.

facebook creative hub video creation kit

3. Pick a Format

Next, you need to choose how you want to structure your ad. There are two formats to choose from ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

A single idol, video, or slideshow with several images.A carousel ad with two or more scrollable idols and videos.

Which one should you choose? Again, it boils down to your safarus objectives.

Carousel ads are excellent for ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

showcasing variou productsin-depth product showcasesincluding several call-to-actions

Single image and video ads are perfect if you would like to concentrate on a singular volunteer( for example, a flagship track) and increase firebrand awareness, lead generation, and traffic to your site.

4. Add Media to Facebook Creative Hub

Next, scroll down to the” Default Mockup” area and start lending your media.

You can upload a premade video or an epitome straight-from-the-shoulder from your desktop.

Creative Hub also gives people the option to create your content from scratch. Click on the” Create Video” button to launch the video start kit, select a template, and turn still idols into an engaging video.

Click on the “Slideshow” button, and Facebook will help you create a slideshow in under five minutes with one of the templates. You can add a background, stickers, and emblems and choose from a variety of slideshow durations.

Both alternatives are standard for purveyors who don’t have video revising talents or the budget to hire someone to create video content. With 74% of purveyors saying video content has a better return on investment than static imagery, these two pieces help you get a slice of the action.

How to Use Facebook Creative Hub - Video Creation Kit

5. Add Other Basic Details

Next, you want to fill in the print for your ad such as ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Primary Text: This is the caption for your ad. It is available on most ad placements, and you want to keep it short and sweet. Facebook recommends under 125 characters.Headline: On median, eight out of 10 people will read a headline, but exclusively two out of 10 will read the remain. If you’re struggling, I have an part guide for writing strong headlines that’ll increase your alteration rates.Description: This is optional additional text that will exclusively appear in a few select placements.Website URL: Where you want to send traffic i.e ., your land page.Display Link: You have the option to expose a shorter URL instead of the full website URL.Call-to-Action: Select a CTA from the drop-down list which is the best fit for your ad. For illustration, if you’re promoting an occasion, adopt” Get Tickets .”

How to Use Facebook Creative Hub - Add Other Basic Details

6. Publish Your Ad

Once you’re happy with your mock-up, you’ll need to add it to the Ads Manager before it can go live.

To do this, turn on the slider in the top right-hand side corner. The” Create Ad” button will turn from grey-headed to blue.

Click on it, and Facebook will take you to the Ads Manager. A pop-up will ask you to select your safarus objective from three columns: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

When you’re done, scroll down and select the “Continue” button.

Here you can initiate your daily ad budget, the timeline for information campaigns, and select your gathering. Scroll down to the ” Placements ” header and select” Manual Placements” if you want switch over where your ad is displayed.

When you’ve tweaked everything to your tendency, sound “Next.” You can preview the ad you created in Creative Hub one final era and change anything if necessary.

If you’re happy, click on ” Publish .” Your ad will go into review, and Facebook will notify you once it’s live.

How to Use Facebook Creative Hub - Publish Your Ad

7. Track Your Ad’s Success

Here are some of the most important metrics to move for your Facebook Ads ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Conversion Rate

If your advertising campaign involves someone clicking on a CTA, here’s what you need to measure ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Lead Generation: How many parties signed off for your offer from Facebook? Sales: How numerous marketings did you end up compiling from your ad campaign? Traffic: How countless attach clicks to your website did you receive?


If your ad budget is exclusively a few dollars every day, you don’t need to worry about this metric. However, if you’re spend hundreds of dollars a few months on Facebook Ads, you need to monitor frequency.

Frequency is the number of experiences your ad has been served to an average user.

If someone deters participating the same ad again and again, banner blindness sneaks in, and your ad will lose its effectiveness.

Spend and Return on Ad Spend

Return on Ad Spend( ROAS ) is how much income you induce from each dollar you spend on advertising.

I recommend setting up the Facebook tracking pixel to get a clear ROI on your ad laid spend.

If you don’t have the pixels set up, check out my guide on calculating ROI for your marketing expeditions.

Cost Per Click( CPC) and Click Through Rate( CTR)

CPC and CTR are metrics to measure the general appeal of your ad campaign.

CPC will tell you the average cost of a sound from your ad to your website, and CTR is the percentage of people who click onto your website after seeing your ad.

If you notice you have a low-toned CTR, it could mean your ad isn’t appealing to your audience, and it’s time to tweak your ad mock-ups.

Cost Per Action

Cost Per Action( CPA) refers to the behavior you crave the person to take after seeing your ad.

It could be ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

visit the platform sheet on your websiteplaying the videosigning up for your webinar

The lower your CPA, the higher your revenue and conversion rates for the same ad spend.


You’ve stimulate it to the end of this announce, which means you’re officially a Facebook Creative Hub lord.

What’s next?

It’s time to start drawing inspiration from the most difficult brands in the business and create amazing ads for your target audience.

However, before you do that, check out my penetrating dive on how to create, optimize, and exam Facebook Ads. It includes everything you need in your marketer’s toolkit to run successful ads and the most difficult assignments I’ve learned over the years.

What’s your biggest struggle with creating successful Facebook Ads? Do you think the Facebook Creative Hub will help?

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