At Optimate Consulting NZ, we are driven to achieve the best result we can get for our clients. Our dedicated teams are highly skilled, with years of experience, we can make sure your online business presence will be noticed by people that needed your service. Our team believes that your marketing strategy should be tailored to fit your company needs. We’ll work within your existing business processes to make the online marketing work for you.

Our Areas of Focus

Site Edit

Bring your site into compliance with industry “best practice” and your search engine results AND ad costs will go down. Little changes can make big differences in your results and we are confidence we can get you there.

Press Marketing

Every day we see businesses getting exposure on major media outlets like Fox, CBS, ABC, and countless newspapers. Let our team work to get your business the exposure it deserves and get those bragging rights you’ve always wanted.

Social Media

We all know the effort it takes to maintain Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the “fun” of creating original blog content. Let our trained team deploy a content strategy that will grow your followers, engagement and traffic.

Online Advertising

Whether you’re looking for new leads to add into your website or a steady stream of phone calls of red hot prospects, we’re able to design the right ad campaign just for you. We’re experts at crafting ads that deliver results.

“Webmaster” Support

Given our broad range of experience and expertise, we’re able to contribute in just about every area (or know someone who can). Don’t be afraid to ask if you have a challenge to overcome or an idea to brainstorm.

Video Creation

Marketing thru videos is no doubt the 'now' way to do at moment. More engagements, easier to rank on search engines (cos they just simply love 'em!), and definitely means more business for you.