The 10 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile

Having good social media profiles can get you more revelation online, help you connect with your devotees or purchasers, and be enhanced your online honour.

Unless you have a major area are connected with your epithet( like ), your social media profiles are typically the first arises Google shows when someone searches for you.

Start thinking of each social media profile you create as a landing page for your personal brand.

Your social media sketches are maybe the first meeting that someone is going to have with your label, and you want that first impression to become the visitor interested in knowing more about you.

Here are 10 a number of aspects of successful social media profiles.

Element# 1: Your Social Media Profile Display Name

Okay, this seems somewhat basic. The mention that displays on your social media profile should just be your own name, right?

Usually, that’s correct. However, sometimes that doesn’t prepare the most sense.

On platforms like Twitter, where you don’t have to use a real name, a pseudonym might offset more sense.

Element# 2: Your Social Media Username and URL

On most social networks, your username is present in your URL, and it’s often different from your showing refer. Generally, you can’t change your username, so choose it carefully.

If possible, it’s frequently best to just go with your own name. Sometimes, if you’re the face of your fellowship, the company name might work better.

On Twitter, Brian Dean isn’t @briandean but @Backlinko, since that’s the list of his company.

Backlinko Twitter Social Media  Profile Example

Finally, while it isn’t ever possible, try to keep your username the same across platforms.

It can be confusing when this isn’t the suit, like Instagram being @yourname and Twitter being @yourcompany or @yourmiddlename.

Element# 3: Your Social Media Profile Picture

Should you go with a logo or a personal picture?

Of course, if it’s for a personal account, you should almost always go with a headshot.

What about for a company? It’s a tough call, but it actually depends on your goals. If you run a smaller operation or are the face of your busines, include a headshot of you.

That’s what Brian does on Twitter, even with his busines usernames. This also applies to people the hell is labels themselves, like musicians, creators, or politicians.

If you have a more unmistakable symbol or don’t want your firm to be associated with you specifically, entered into with the logo.

Microsoft Instagram Social Media Profile Example

It’s also a good thought to stick with the same( or at least a similar) photo across different social networks. That lane you’re easier to recognize on different platforms.

Element# 4: Your Social Media Profile Link

This varies from one social media network to the next, but be sure to seek out any opportunity to get your link on the main sheet of your social profile.

For example, you can add a association on the “front page” of your charts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Make sure that your join is front and midst so that people can find it quickly and click through to your website.

Another good notion for your connections is to create a social network-specific landing page so you can track which profiles are introducing your place the most traffic .

You can use these pages to offer a special discount for people who have found you on Twitter or share information that is specific to a structure, like recent blog announces you have written about Facebook.

Element# 5: Your Social Media Profile Bio

Your main social profile bio should generally include a decision or two about yourself or your business. Think of it as a excellent situate to put your elevator pitch and include keywords.

In a few names, what would you say about your business? It’s likewise a good project to use your bio to its fullest capability. Some websites, like Twitter, only let you write a short description.

If you’re on a programme like LinkedIn, your “about” area can have up to 2,000 references. This is a huge opportunity to explain what you’re all about and make a great first impression.

To make this supplant, you’ll want to add more than simply a simple description of what you’ve done and your current programmes. Instead, create a story with a basic call to action.

For example, you can tell how you started with the industry you’re working in. What got you interested in it, and what establishes you stick around and maintain teach?

Larry Kim LinkedIn Social Media Profile Example

Finally, you can finish your bio with a simple call to action. This can be a link to a free report, an offering for someone to call you, or even a goal announcement requesting “will you join me? ”

Element# 6: Your Social Media Profile Interests

Some profiles allow you to have additional extended information about yourself in the form of favorite notebooks, video proves, movies, and so on.

A lot of parties skip over this, extremely when it comes to business sketches, but that is a big mistake.

Look at these fields as an additional place to get some great value and connections

I doubt there is a niche out there that doesn’t have at least one or two published books.

Find works, films, and profiles of influential parties in your industry and add those in these added disciplines( presuming you actually enjoy them, of course !)

This adds credibility and a brand-new height of associate you can build with people who are learning about you for the first time.

Element# 7: Your Social Media Profile Background or Cover Image

Different stages have differing requirements, but most social networks today have some practice to add a larger image behind your main profile page.

Some customers, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn, choose to use the default background image, but this is a mistake.

A customized background will allow you to share additional information and contribute temperament to you or your brand.

Don’t make it distracting or more important than your profile situation, but a great cover image can go a long way to personalizing your social page.

Product Hunt Facebook Social Media Profile Example

On some platforms, like Facebook, this can even be a video. If you have the option( and nice video ), this can be even an even more engaging way to connect with others.

Element# 8: Your Social Media Profile Privacy Settings

After you have all of your sketch filled out and word-paintings uploaded, the next thing that you will need to take a look at is your privacy settings.

These vary from network to network, but you will want to make sure that the information you would like to be public is viewable.

Chances are, if this is a business-related profile, you’ll want almost everything to be public. Of route, if your profile is more personal mood, you may want to hide some things.

Element# 9: Your Social Media Activity

Once your chart setup is complete, your on-going mission will be to maintain a healthful position of activity on your primary social networks.

It’s not enough to leave a profile blank. You need to contribute to the platform and build acquaintances. After all, that’s what they’re there for in the first place.

No matter what social network you’re on, the basic specifications still apply. You’ll want to connect with friends and partisans by asking questions and responding to comments.

Provide value by posting interesting opinions, or at least sharing interesting and relevant things you find.

If you’re in the working groups, become an active participant. Be helpful, connect with others in the working group, and share things the group will find interesting.

Element #10: Your Social Media Promotion

Finally, there is nothing like a little health promotion of your social network profiles to help more beings find and connect with you.

Be sure to add your social networking profile links to your website, email signature, and business card.

Also, don’t forget to interlink your profiles to each other. Many networks have places to include link to other systems, and you can and should use them whenever possible.

Stay connected, become an active representative on the social network of your option, and you’ll start acquiring a following.

Social Media Profile FAQs

What should my chart situation be?

This depends on what you do. If you have a personal profile or your firebrand hubs around whom you, use a headshot. If you have a business where you aren’t the face, your motto will work well.

What should I do if my preferred username is taken on another scaffold?

Using the same name is ideal but not ever possible. If your username is taken on another stage, then use something very similar.

What should I lay in my social media bio?

Your social media bio should have everything people need to know about your label. Let them know what obligates your firebrand stand out, what the hell are you do, and a call to action whenever possible.

How can I do to personalize my social media profiles?

You can brand your social media profile by using a custom cover image with your brand colors and logo. You can also settled important information in your cros image. On some scaffolds, you can also contributed your interests. This is a great direction to add a personal touch.

What can I do to promote my social media charts?

You can cross-promote your social media profile with one another, by adding all of your links to each profile. You are also welcome to all link to your website, and email campaigns.

Social Media Profiles Conclusion

If you’re getting started with social media marketing, the first step is to set up your chronicles and sketches correctly.

If you’ve already been in the game for a while, it’s probably time to take a look at the profiles you set up.

Are there ways to improve what you already have online? Is the profile picture you uploaded last year still relevant? Does your bio or connect need revising?

Since it’ll be the first impression numerous beings investigate, it’s worth spending some time to improve your social media existence and make it compelling and interesting.

What strategies have you used to improve your social media profile?

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