You could get a marketing automation tool and try to figure it out yourself.

Or you could get a marketing automation company to do everything.

Look, marketing automation gets crazy complicated.

Lead routing, extend tracking, expedition calculation, all the emails and shoring sheets, head nurturing, dozens of segmentation listings, it goes on and on.

Not to mention a late integration with your CRM which has to work flawlessly.

Your entire marketing program depends on getting commerce automation right.

The best marketings squads already work with top Salesforce collaborators to get everything set up from the beginning.

It’s about era that commerce crews followed their example.

Don’t just look for a marketing automation tool, find a marketing automation company( busines) that can help you with everything.

The 5 Best Marketing Automation Companies

Some of us in that marketing automation firms are:

Neil Patel Digital– Best for Content Marketing AutomationLeadMD– Best for Tech Stack IntegrationCS2 Marketing– Best for On-call Marketing OperationsBluewolf– Best for Salesforce AutomationPerkuto– Best for Marketo Automation

Let’s dive into each.

# 1 Neil Patel Digital- Best for Content Marketing Automation

If there’s one digital promote path that cuts across all others, including automation, it has to be content marketing.

I’m not here to remind you that content is king. You once know!

Even with marketing automation, material market drives everything. You need the title material in the claim emails to keep conducts moving down the funnel.

Tons of billion dollar startups have improved their auctions and market process around content. And it labours beautifully.

And it’s an sphere my crew at Neil Patel Digital gleams the brightest.


We’ve rolled out content planneds for the entire auctions repetition across many Fortune 500 brands.

I absolutely believe we’re one of very good companionships at material, period.

If you’d like content marketing and marketing automation taken together seamlessly, we should chat.

# 2 LeadMD- Best for Tech Stack Integration

Marketing automation frees you( and relevant people on your crew) from prosaic exercises.

For example, say someone signeds up to download a whitepaper on your ground sheet.

They fill out the flesh disciplines, your CRM compiles this data, creates labels based on the info furnished, and segments them into relevant email rolls.

That email sequence could include 180 daylights or diverging email reasoning based on their actions and sales stage.

For this to work well, you’ll need close-fisted incorporations between your 😛 TAGEND

Marketing automation toolCRM toolLanding page toolSoftware experiments and accountsEcommerce accountsSubscription settingsCustomer support toolsDeduplication tools

And dozens of small tools that impact your users.

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is.

These methods get extremely complicated very quickly.

You’ll need a unit that knows how to get everything working together. One broken associate in the series could drop thousands of makes by accident, costing you hundreds of dollars. I’ve seen it happen innumerable times.

LeadMD specializes in setting up those kinds of integrations 😛 TAGEND

LeadMD is the go-to marketing automation company for integrating your tech stack.

If you feel really good about the rest of your commerce strategy and exactly need help with coming all the infrastructure wielding properly, reach out to them.

# 3 CS2 Marketing- Best for On-call Marketing Action

Once you get your marketing automation fully implemented, that’s not the end.

New marketing enterprises projects come up all the time.

A hot new safarus needs to get added to your automation. Marketings wants to tweak the cause composing or MQL definition. IT changes one of your implements and you need to re-implement that part of the stack.

Lots of projects( large and small) will come up.

One option is to hire a full-time marketing actions party. That’ll easily expense $100 K fully loaded with helps, taxes, and sell frequency compensation.

Or you can find a marketing automation company that specializes in scaling up and down as you need them.

That’s exactly what Cs2 Marketing does.

First, you can sign up for a contract to get ongoing consulting. This is super valuable to make sure you’re not inadvertently illuminating your entirety market stack on fire.

Then, when you have a project some up, they have a whole team that can execute it for you.

This is perfect for mid-size corporations that need to keep every dollar focused on customer acquisition for as long as possible.

# 4 Bluewolf- Best for Salesforce Automation

I’m going to say something controversial.

Oftentimes, how your market automation tool integrates with Salesforce is more important than the marketing tool itself.

After all, your business lives and dies on your CRM, which is usually Salesforce.

One way to get everything acting right works well downwards. Get your CRM dialed, then impel your commerce automation tool to work the same way.

So before rushing into a deep marketing automation tool implementation, consider coming a top CRM authority to help with Salesforce.

For this, check out Bluewolf.

Bluewolf is an IBM company, and that alone speaks volumes about this agency’s reputation. They mainly provide endeavour firebrands and are prepared to handle anything that you can throw at them.

Bluewolf is also world. They have about 24 agencies spread across different continents.

# 5 Perkuto- Best for Marketo Automation

Marketo is a one strong implement. If you’re previously employing it and want to go really deep with your implementation, check out Perkuto:

You could say that Perkuto is THE top-most Marketo expert, having achieved the “Marketo Engage” status and works with a team of over 50 sell automation strategists and hardcore engineers.

If it can be done in Marketro, Perkuto can make it happen.

I’d unquestionably reach out to them if you have a Marketo implementation that’s gone haywire and it is necessary to serious knowledge to fix it all. In those cases, you crave a top expert to get you back on track. They’re importance every penny.

5 Characteristics That Make a Great Marketing Automation Company

When looking at marketing automation firms, what should be used prioritize?

What are the red flags?

What clues tell you that someone is one of the best?

I start by looking for these characteristics.

1. ROI Before Tech

Some engineers and infrastructure kinfolks enjoy tech for tech’s sake.

Not all, but some do.

In marketing, that’s super dangerous.

You need a marketing automation implementation that generates real ROI. You devote$ X. It needs to generate more than$ X. That’s the whole point of marketing.

Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.

When looking at marketing automation corporations, they should have an extreme focus on driving ROI. It is advisable to the lens that they filter every recommendation through.

Even better, they should talk about revenue growth and ROI naturally. You shouldn’t feel like you have to push them here.

2. Experience With Companies Bigger Than You

When working with any marketing automation corporation, make sure you’re not the biggest customer.

The last-place thing you crave is for a dealer to patch your implementation together because it’s the first time they’re directed your complex use-case.

You don’t want the marketing automation company to learn on your dime. Your implementation will suffer. Tech debt will pile up and you’ll end up paying to fix it later.

Ask the company for lawsuit studies and a schedule of buyers in a similar manufacture as you. Many of them should be larger. If not, receiving treatment as a red flag.

3. Deep Experience With Your Marketing Tech Stack

In any marketing automation tool, the authorities have dozens of different ways to set up any workflow or feature.

You don’t want it to simply labour, You want it set up so it has that excellent offset between scalability and flexibility.

That’s not easy to do.

To know what option is best, it takes a lot of trial and error with every implement. And ordeal across dozens of clients and implementations.

So even if a marketing automation company has a ton of know, make sure they have experience with your market tech stack.

Otherwise, keep looking.

4. Expensive

A marketing automation( and CRM) implementation is one area you do not want to cut corners.

We’re talking about foundational infrastructure that street every make of your business.

Any seeps means you’ll lose serious money.

And sense these systems get extremely complicated, it’s easy for material to fall through the cracks.

So when you’re shopping around with various corporations, look at low prices as a red flag. The known tribes will know their value and blame accordingly.

Spend the money to get your marketing automation set up accurately. It’ll instantaneously pay for itself.

5. A Desire to Coach

As you start talking with corporations, the best ones will have an innate desire to coach you and your team.

Even if they administer 100% of the initial implementation, they know that your squad needs to manage and operate it all.

Communicating best rehearsals, guiding your squad, and empathetic coaching will make sure that your implementation stands empty for years to come.

On any demonstrated see, you should feel like you’re learning. That’s a good sign they’ll continue to coach your crew throughout the entire implementation.

What to Expect from a Great Marketing Automation Company

Once you start to reach out to marketing automation corporations, expect to go through these steps.

1. Filling out the contact form

Since marketing automation assignments are major rollouts, expect an in-depth auctions process before getting started.

The marketing automation too required to do a deep dive on your needs before being able to come up with even a general premium range.

Look for the contact form of their website and use that to get started.

2. The breakthrough bawl

After filing out the contact form, you should receive a written reply pretty quickly.

Any great unit will be crazy responsive to any new expectations. Expect a reply within 24 hours.

If you don’t get a reply, that might be a sign that you’re a poor are suitable for that company. For lesson, the companies that specialize in enterprise buyers is very likely to discount smaller startups that need a basic implementation for a marketing team of 2-3 parties. It’s simply too small for them. In these cases, they typically don’t respond at all.

So if you don’t get a response and you’re a smaller company, look for folks that boast consumers on their site that are closer to your size.

Once you get a reply, you’ll frequently get asked to jump on a discovery entitle. There won’t be much pitching on this entitle. Instead, the marketing automation company will want to learn so much better about you as is practicable. They’ll ask you things like 😛 TAGEND

BudgetTimelinesYour market tech stackCompany sizeKey stakeholdersHard requirements for the project

I recommend that you sit down and come up with clear answers to these parts before the finding request. That will keep the process moving quickly.

The clearer you can be with the partner, the more likely they’ll be able to deliver what you want.

3. The Proposal

Depending on the complexities involved in your implementation, you might have several calls to scope out the full project.

Once everything has been clarified, expect to get a proposal that breaks down the full costs, timelines, and deliverables of the project.

If you wince at the cost, it’s probably in the freedom stray. Implementation rewards for CRMs and marketing automation tools are pretty high.

One other thing, really doubled and triple check all the requirements with your squad. Look for holes and items that you missed in the spec. Changing requirements later will get really difficult. Best to get any changes added to the proposal now.

Also ask the company how they handle mid-project scope changes in the event that it happens. Often, they’ll have an hourly frequency that they charge for any additional work.

4. Sign and is starting

Once you’re ready, signaling the recommendations and get the project going.

After everything is signed, the marketing automation company generally makes the leading. As long as you’re accept on your side, things generally stay moving without you having to push on them.

The initial process usually starts with 😛 TAGEND

Introductions to the whole implementation teamA kick-off callScheduling for regular check-insCalls with internal experts to go through all details

Are the Top Marketing Automation Companies Worth it?

I believe so.

Any serious commerce crew is necessary a fully operational marketing automation tool.

And marketing automation tools have gotten so complicated that it’s unwise to muddle through them yourself.

You want an experienced team to roll out your implement the right way. It expenditure a lot more upfront but it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run.

I was speaking to a VP of Marketing the other day. He made at a top-tier marketing team, succeeding hundreds of contributes. He turned to me and said “You know, the other day, we detected 100,000 causes that got lost in our marketing automation tool. They were just sitting there. For like a year.”

That’s nuts! Think of all the lost revenue.

And it happens all the time.

Look around, reach out to a few experts in this space, and get it done right.

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