Slideshare: What it is and How Marketers Can Use It

The internet is a visual arrange. With the absence of body language, social clues, and audible feeling, the best way to communicate with your useds is through visual content.

Now and then, an online scaffold comes along that manufactures it easier than ever to showcase your visual material on the internet.

SlideShare is one such example.

The presentation-sharing platform has created a simple and seamless highway to promote visual material while also encouraging user interaction.

In this announce, we’ll teach you all about SlideShare, how to use it, why it matters to purveyors, and how you can use it to create amazing content for your business.

Let’s get started.

What Is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a content-sharing platform that allows you to upload media introductions and share them on your website or social media profile. Content compatible with the pulpit includes proposals, infographics, videos, and documents.

While SlideShare is not a tool for build material, it does work with existing content formats such as Google Slides, Adobe PDF, OpenDocument, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

SlideShare is best known for being a extensive educational reserve that forms it easy to expose productions and webinars online.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use SlideShare 😛 TAGEND

to share online webinars or training materialsas a visualization tool for presentationsto promote produces or servicesto display newsletters and attract brand-new signupsto showcase visual textiles such as navigates or advertisements

Acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, the company was later bought by the audiobook subscription scaffold Scribd.

SlideShare remains free to use and allows anyone to create a presentation to share privately or publicly.

SlideShare is connecting Scribd from SlideShare

Why Should You Use SlideShare for Marketing?

For marketers, consuming SlideShare offers a unique and interactive way to display content online. By adding a presentation to your blog poles, web pages, and social media feeds, you create a completely new content type to engage your users.

SlideShare also allows you to display longer, more complex content in a simple way. Webinars or presents can be easily uploaded and displayed for consumers to click through on their own time.

You can think of these gives as an infographic with more interactivity.

It’s also important to note SlideShare boastings a user base of 80 million. Most of its consumer cornerstone are business professionals, and its most searched calls are 😛 TAGEND

#market #business #statistics #socialmedia

SlideShare also receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. This offers a huge benefit to B2B marketers looking to connect with relevant audiences.

Slideshare Stats from GSW

5 Strategies to Use SlideShare for Marketing

Now that you understand what SlideShare is and why it’s important for marketers, it’s time to learn how to create an effective and successful exhibition.

Here are five steps to follow when using SlideShare for marketing.

1. Use Visual Content

Anyone who’s made a PowerPoint presentation knows they shouldn’t be text-heavy. When formatting your presentation for SlideShare, this is especially important, as online readers tend to lose focus on text-heavy content.

A general rule to follow when creating any type of presentation is the 5/ 5/5 settle 😛 TAGEND

5 commands per text of text5 ways of text per slide5 text-heavy slithers in a row

Keep your readers interested and engaged in your SlideShare presentation by applying largely visual material and preserving your verse short and succinct.

Visual analogies can also be used to further cement the messaging of your presentation. You can see an example of a visual analogy in the epitome below.

Strategies to Use SlideShare for Marketing - Use Visual Content

2. Add a Call-to-Action( CTA)

Your SlideShare presentation should work as part of your salesfunnel, moving customers through the education, fostering, and persuasion chapters. In guild to effectively move your purchasers through these times, you’ll need to integrate calls to action( CTAs ) throughout your content.

A CTA can be a request to contact your business or even a link to start a free contest. You could also ask your customer to sign up for your email listing or inspect your website.

Whatever you choose, arrange it strategically at a target where you know your customer will see it. As well, use a benefit-forward statement that shows your customer how they’ll investigate cost from their click.

3. Keep Your Presentation Short and Sweet

Keeping online reader attention encompass in head, it’s important to keep your presentation short to ensure your useds stand engaged.

Presentations that are too long or very oversized will lose reader interest and result in lost results for your business. Shorter appearances are easier to grasp and render a better risk of a reader seeing your final CTA.

SlideShare itself has noted that shorter visual material is more effective on its platform.

Strategies to Use SlideShare for Marketing - Keep Your Presentation Short and Sweet

4. Use Customer Pain Points to Inform Content Decisions

The first step in determining the kind of content you should publish in your SlideShare is to understand your customer pain phases:

What do your customers want to see from your symbol? What kind of content do they enjoy? How are you able strengthen your relationship with them through SlideShare content?

Before you publish your content, behavior customer study to be informed about what your leads-in are looking for and why.

Once you know what they’re after, give it to them. It’s truly that easy.

5. Use Keywords in Descriptions and Tags

SlideShare comes equipped with representation descriptions and calls. Be sure to make use of these features when uploading your content.

Adding keywords to your SlideShare descriptions and tags will help your SEO efforts and ensure your presentation is being seen by the right people. If you’re looking for a keyword research tool, try Ubersuggest.

SlideShare for Marketing Tips and Best Rehearsal

SlideShare can be a marketer’s best friend when used correctly. Here are a few SlideShare best rules to guide your process 😛 TAGEND

Source quality images and fonts: Because it is such a visual platform, it’s important your presentation reviews professional and high-quality. Using grainy or low-quality personas, hard-to-read fonts, or bad designing will turn useds away from your content.Make your presentation simple and clear: As referred to above, don’t overdo it on textbook, slithers, or images. Your customers want quick and clear information they can easily digest. The sooner you give them what they want, the better your chances are of converting them.Start strong: Think of your presentation as an essay. You want to set up your thesis at the beginning and continuously reaffirm your letter throughout your slithers. If it isn’t clear what you’re trying to say early on, consumers will likely click away and lose interest. Start your presentation off with your main idea and strongest imagery to fix your reader immediately. Measure your results: Like anything in commerce, it all comes down to the numbers. Leverage any analytical supremacies at your disposal and continuously A/ B exam and optimizeyour SlideShare content.

Examples of Great Marketing SlideShares

You’re almost ready to start taking the SlideShare world by commotion! Here are a few success narratives to help you get started.

The Brand Gap by Neutron LLC

The Brand Gap by Neutron LLC is a beautifully designed SlideShare that explores the makings of some of the world’s most iconic brands.

This presentation is successful because it reins strong visual design with simple copy to deliver a clear, concise send. The communicative manner of the copy invites books to continue moving through the presentation, discontinuing with a clear CTA at the finish.

While this presentation is longer than we recommend, Neutron LLC gets away with it because of its adroit design work and messaging.

The Brand Gap from coolstuff

How Google Study by Google

How Google Works by Google is a imaginative and effective presentation that explains how Google operates as an innovative corporation.

Google exercised wholly original and unique instances to provide clear visual analogies throughout the presentation. Google’s brand colours involved in every slip, cementing their label in the minds of the readers.

How Google Works from Eric Schmidt

You Suck At Powerpoint by Jesse Desjardins

You Suck At Powerpoint by Jesse Desjardins is a laughter blueprint presentation that tells you everything you’ve done wrong in your past presentations.

Leaning on visual metaphor, this pattern is funny, concise, and clear in its messaging.

Not simply does Jesse tell you what you’ve been doing wrong, but he tells you how to fix it. If you can’t do it yourself, his information is on the last slide.

You Suck At PowerPoint! by @jessedee from Jesse Desjardins- @jessedee

SlideShare Resource

Looking to start measuring the success of your SlideShare presentations? Check out this great resource from SlideShare itself: How to Use Analytics on SlideShare.If you’re would be interested to drive more qualified precedes from your presentations, check out this blog: A Step-by-Step Guide to Driving Qualified Traffic From SlideShare Representation.If you’re interested in learning more about how to use SlideShare on LinkedIn, check out this quick video by Paul Wilson.

How to Create and Share a SlideShare Presentation

Ready to create your first proposal? Follow these steps!

Create a SlideShare Account

The first step in creating and sharing your first SlideShare presentation is to sign up for an account. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can use your LinkedIn account to sign in. If you don’t previously have a LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to create one in order to be allowed to to use the platform.

Create Your Presentation

When creating your presentation, be coherent in your use of fonts and colors.It’s always a good meaning to use your own branding resources when creating your presentation to ensure cohesion across your content.Create an intro and outro slide at the start and end of your presentation, and remember to add a CTA so your purchasers stay active after the presentation.

Upload Your Presentation

Once you’ve finished initiating your presentation, it’s time to upload it to the site. You can upload your presentation as a Google Slide, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF. SlideShare allows you to schedule your presentation if you’d like it to go live at a specific time. Once it’s live, be sure to promote it widely and share it across your social channels to ensure a wide reach.

SlideShare Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use SlideShare?

It is free to use for anyone.

Can you earn money from SlideShare?

Not instantly , no. SlideShare does not pay useds for ads, and there is no direct action to make money from its platform. That said, by strategically including CTAs and actionable details, you can get an ROI from the presentations you upload.

What are the disadvantages of SlideShare?

It does not offer any direct monetization procedures for its users, and it also does not include a built-in way to measure analytics.

What’s the difference between SlideShare and PowerPoint?

SlideShare is an online platform that allows you to share your presentations across the internet. PowerPoint is simply a tool for creating demonstrations.

SlideShare for Marketing Conclusion

SlideShare is a visual material tool that helps you share educational gives across the internet.

Because online books demand fast and efficient information, it is a great way to engage your audience and move your patrons through your auctions funnel.

Have you observed success consuming SlideShare?

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