The Ultimate Guide to Bing SEO

When we talk about SEO, Google comes to mind for most search engine purveyors.

It compiles smell. If you can please the search giant, other search engines will follow along and transmit transaction to your website.


Most purveyors don’t consider Bing( the second most used search engine) a advantageous direct, but it can be if you’ve optimized your area for Bing SEO.

The Benefits of Bing SEO

Since all marketers go after Google, Bing has lower event and a market share of 6. 79 percentage for desktop searchers. While that may seem low-spirited compared to Google’s 86.64 percentage, Bing’s desktop search market has grown by 41. 03 percentage since 2019.

Bing traffic likewise might have a lower return rate. For Matthew Woodward, his Bing traffic is higher quality than Google. Bing visitors viewed more sheets and sounded more affiliate relations, as well.

bing vs google organic traffic - bing seo

Furthermore, most search engine optimization skills remain the same as they are for Google( although the algorithms are different ). What obliges Bing unique is the search engine is more open about its standing ingredients than Google, entailing you can eat the Bing pie with less try and still derive the rewards.

Now that you’re aware of the advantages of Bing SEO let’s get started with putting your best foot forward on the search engine.

How to Rank Higher on Bing Search: 6 Top Tips for Bing SEO

Use these Bing SEO tips-off to make sure your content is optimized for the search engine and boost your chances of ranking on the first sheet and territory the coveted number one spot.

Build Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Bing SEO concentrating on join quality over sum.

On the search engine’s webmaster tools page, it states, “Often even just a few quality inbound joins from relied websites is enough to help boost your standings. Only as it is with material, when it comes to associations, quality matters most.”

This tells us that you shouldn’t invest time and power in trying to obtain as many backlinks as is practicable for Bing SEO( as was previously thought ).

Instead, focus on gaining connects from high arbiter sites Bing cartels and creating unique, participating material people want to share.

There are these two types of backlinks that Bing praises 😛 TAGEND

Organic links from related and trusted websites that drive real users to your locate. Especially,. edu,. org and. gov associates strike gold on Bing.Bing favors joins from old disciplines, as it considers age to be a sign of trust.

Like Google, Bing too wants you to stay away from reciprocal connections, paid connections, join schemes, connects from hacked websites and the like. Otherwise, your website might get delisted from the Bing search engine index.

The best route to understand your backlink profile is to conduct a backlink examination on Ubersuggest.

Step 1: Go to the Backlink checker, enter your domain, and click on submit.

use ubersuggest to check backlinks for bing seo

Step 2: Analyze your backlink profile.

There’s a lot of valuable intelligence here, but for the sake of this exercise, you’re focused primarily on the backlinks region. This is where you’ll find 😛 TAGEND

Source sheet title and URL: The designation that indicates in a Google search for the URL.Domain score: The overall forte of the website, from 1( low) to 100( high-pitched ). Page compose: The overall concentration of the URL, from 1( low-spirited) to 100( high ). Link form: Whether the link is text or image-based.Anchor verse: The clickable verse in the hyperlink.First construe: The first time Ubersuggest identified the backlink.Last look: The last meter Ubersuggest strengthened the backlink.

backlink checker ubersuggest - for bing seo

check your backlinks to improve your bing seo

If you find spammy websites connecting to your website, then first try to take them down. If the webmaster of the linking website doesn’t honor your request to pull a relate, you should disavow the link here.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

While Google has developed a reasonably advanced research algorithm, Bing still relies on some age-old ranking parts.

Here are the specific, on-page SEO phases that are important for grading on Bing.

Exact Match Domains

When you sought for the keyword “best swiss knives” on Google, you get the following arises. Besides patronized develops, “youre seeing” a knowledge graph result occupying considerable real estate at the top.

bing seo vs google seo - swiss army knives

On Bing, however, the first result is from the domain “” This signals finds of exact competition discipline as a key position factor in Bing search engines. On Google, you won’t find this result in the top 10.

bing seo versus google seo search results for

I don’t recommend buying a new precise province just for ranking in Bing and Yahoo solutions. It’s only one of those factors to keep in mind.

Exact Keyword Usage

Like the domain, expending your accurate keywords in the Heading 1 and Heading 2 calls will help you with your Bing SEO ranks. Unlike Google, Bing is about exact word usage rather than the context and semantics.

However, I would still recommend that you use keywords naturally in your material, as much as possible.

You should also sprinkle your keywords naturally in the alt tags and meta description.

While Google has dismissed meta keywords and description as a position ingredient, a cogent deed and meta description can help lift your CTR and indirectly feign your Bing search engine rankings.

Write High-Quality Content

Bing compassions websites that have unique and hiring content that address the inquiries of the reader.

As per Bing, here are the three mainstays of quality content.

bing quality content pillars

If we break it down, Bing wants you to 😛 TAGEND

Clearly mention the author of the content and district the source of your information.Address the query in detail and ensure that it helps the users.Format and present your content well, with a clear distinction between ads and your content.

Here’s a content illustration that doesn’t make the cut for Bing.

bad example of bing seo

The content doesn’t list an columnist. The page is full of ads that predominate the crease and appear even before the main material. Further, the ads can easily be confused with the prime content.

Besides the three pillars, Bing enjoys multimedia, and it’s concerned about the “aesthetic appearance or the functional ability of an internet site for end-users .

As you might know, Google likes it simple, with text and HTML. It’s bad at learning flashing material.

I wouldn’t recommend that you put in extra effort and create a Flash-based website, just for Bing.

You can still create a richer experience for your books by peppering portraits and videos in your material.

Your brand might get an uptick in Bing image search results by adding relevant and tasteful likeness in the content. All you need to do is add illustrative alt verse to your epitomes, and you can get additional image search traffic to your website.

Another SEO tip is to use schema markup on your website

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft announced their alliance to stimulate pursuit directories richer in detail through structured data. Essentially, schema markup is a way to help search engines understand your content and thus provide information-rich search results.

schema for bing search results

I’ve already written in detail about schema markup, and I highly recommend implementing it on your website. It will help in parent the CTR of your search results.

Here’s the Bing Markup Validator tool to verify the markup that you’ve added to your pages.

Social Media Impacts Bing SEO

Bing has officially stated that they use social shares to understand if a page is popular among users. If your content is shared widely by useds, it casts positive signals to Bing.

In the long run, your organic positions might experience an uptick due to your social influence.

Bing likewise preaches against disreputable social media tactics that allow you to gain too many ( imitation) admirers too fast.

As a rule of thumb, for Bing search results, or any search engine for that matter, buying social media adherents will not help you.

Improve Your SEO with Bing Webmaster Tools

If you haven’t previously, set up your area inside webmaster implements. It’s a great resource to find the keywords you rank for, your indexed backlinks, spammy links to disavow and much more.

Sign up for a free Bing webmaster tool account and add your website.

bing webmaster tools

If you demand, you can submit a sitemap and subscribe for alarms about your website.

You’ll be asked to verify your website by 😛 TAGEND

Placing an XML file on your entanglement server.Copying a meta call to your website.Adding a CNAME record to your DNS.

Once confirmed, you’ll see a dashboard with important detailed information on how Bing discovers your website.

inside bing webmaster tools

You can run your website through a suite of diagnostic tools, like the SEO Site Analyzer and Keyword Research tools. You can even ask the Bing bot not to crawl your website during flower traffic times.

Here are the results of checking the mobile-friendliness of my website. The only issue my area has is that resources on the sheet are blocked by robots.txt configuration.

inside bing webmaster tools

For a more thorough outline, refer to this detailed guide on Bing webmaster tools.

Focus on User Intent and Quality Content

There are a couple of more portions that Bing uses to complete the perplex of grading content in search results: Context and Relevance.

bing seo for content formula

Before you create content, accomplish keyword research and understand the intent behind the search query.

Modify your on-page keywords and SEO for your existing content, only where it fixes feel since the search engine likes keywords in the designation and meta description.

Bing is also get smarter every day at understanding queries. Here’s a dislocation of how they see the query “machine learning articles by Andrew ng in nips.”

how bing understands search queries

Keeping the users happy and locked is of prime importance for all enterprises. So, if your website promptly scares off your pilgrims with good content, then it mails the wrong signals to Bing.

Similarly, a good design, site rapidity and clean navigation is equally important. They will contribute towards upping your Bing rankings.

Claim Your Business on Bing Places

If a exploration inquiry is neighbourhood, then make sure that you get a well-optimized Binglocal business listing using Bing Places.

Here are the search results for “Los Angeles haircut.”

bing places - bing seo

If you have an optimized listing and get a few evaluations, then you’ll get a spot right there.

Even if you don’t use Bing, the search engine most likely indices your business. To boost your placement on search results, all you have to do is claim your schedule, fill in all the details, validate you’re the owner and click on publish.

Bing SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bing good for SEO?

Yes. Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world. By optimizing for Bing SEO, you can increase organic traffic to your website.

What does Bing check that Google doesn’t when it comes to SEO?

Bing wants you to use exact keyword parallels in your claim tag, meta descriptions, domain name, and H1 and H2 tag. Bing SEO likewise exerts social signals as a standing ingredient. The more parties are sharing your material on websites like Facebook and Twitter, the higher you’ll rank in search results.

How do I get traffic on Bing?

Submit your sitemap to Bing. It will help the search engine crawl, indicator, and rank your website.

How do you rank on Bing?

Focus on on-page SEO, accurate keyword competitions, consumer experience, caliber material, get character backlinks from high approval websites, and rising social shares on social media.

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Yes. Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world. By optimizing for Bing SEO, you can increase organic transaction to your website.


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“name”: “What does Bing check that Google doesn’t when it comes to SEO? “,


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Bing wants you to use exact keyword parallels in your designation tag, meta descriptions, domain name, and H1 and H2 tag. Bing SEO likewise uses social signals as a ranking cause. The more beings are sharing your content on websites like Facebook and Twitter, the higher you’ll rank in search results.


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“name”: “How do I get traffic on Bing? “,


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“text”: ”

Submit your sitemap to Bing. It will help the search engine crawl, indicator, and rank your website.


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“name”: “How do you rank on Bing? “,


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“text”: ”

Focus on on-page SEO, precise keyword parallels, customer know, caliber material, get tone backlinks from high-pitched permission websites, and increasing social shares on social media.


Bing SEO Conclusion

SEO for Bing is not that different from Google. Both Bing and Google advocate high-quality content on their search engines. But, there are a few other particular aspect that need closer attention in Bing. One of them is the prominence of on-page SEO. I have touched upon the others as well in this article.

And , now that you know about it let’s optimize your area for Bing and get you more organic traffic.

What outcomes have you identify after focusing on optimizing your website for Bing SEO?

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