Let’s merely get right to it…

Here is the formula for redoubling sales…

L x C x M x f= GP


L= extends C= patrons M= margin f= frequency of buy

It looks like this…

Leads x Customers x Margin x Frequency= Growth Potential

Doubling any of the variables above( precedes, purchasers, perimeter, frequency of obtain) will double your sales.

Double them all and you are able to 16 X your business. Can you redouble them all? Doubtful.

Can you double-faced one of them? Two of them? Even 3 of them?


In other terms, there are 4 bars you have available to grow your business…

Increase the number of extends Increase the number of clients Increase the boundary Increase the frequency of acquire

Let’s look at each “growth lever” in turn…

How to Double-dealing the Number of Leads

Want more produces?

You either need…

A Lead Magnet More Lead Magnets Better Lead Magnets

A Lead Magnet looks like this…

Doubling Sales with a Lead Magnet

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Here’s another Lead Magnet…

Specific Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is simply an inescapable bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

The key word in the above description is SPECIFIC.

In nearly every case( assuming “you think youre” getting transaction to your Lead Magnet) the reason a Lead Magnet is not performing well is because it doesn’t solve a specific problem.

This is a terrible Lead Magnet…

Doubling Sales with a Lead Magnet

But this one isn’t much better…

Non-Specific Lead Magnet

In both cases there is no specificity.

Our measuring shows that a Lead Magnet that solves a specific problem can alter over 60% of the traffic to a Lead Magnet offer into a lead.

Take another look at the two Lead Magnet samples above and study the use of specificity…

Doubling Sales with a Lead Magnet

If you want to doubled your leads–start with your Lead Magnet.


How to Redouble the Number of Customers

Let me be clear…

This section is NOT about redoubling profit–it’s about double-faced the number of customers you are acquiring.

Big difference.

Acquiring customers is NOT the same event as acquiring gain. In reality, in some cases acquiring patrons will motive negative cash flow. In other messages, while acquiring customers can lead to profitability–customer buy is NOT about profitability.

It’s about initiating BUYERS.

To do that, we use something called a Tripwire Offer.

Here’s one from us…

Increasing the Number of Customers with a Tripwire Offer

And here’s one from VistaPrint…

Doubling the Number of Customers

And here’s another from GoDaddy…

Low Dollar Offer for Increasing Customer Acquisition

We’re not going to get rich selling $9.95 books. VistaPrint doesn’t expect their $9.99 for 500 business card offer to meet payroll. And GoDaddy shareholders don’t expect $. 99 domains to keep the daybreaks on.

We’re plainly acquiring BUYERS.

Notice the toll phase on these volunteers 😛 TAGEND $9.95 for a notebook $9.99 for 500 business card $. 99 for a domain name

We’re not exactly asking for a blood curse here–these are high-value, low-toned barrier-to-entry volunteers aimed that are designed to acquire customers.

If you want to doubled your number of customers–create a solid Tripwire offer.

But don’t expect that offer to construct you more profitable. For that you’ll need to work on your margin…

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How to Double-dealing Your Margin

Of course DigitalMarketer doesn’t merely sell books.

And VistaPrint and GoDaddy have more than merely business cards and arenas to sell.

In fact, VistaPrint has a number of ways they can increase the value of that $9.99 transaction.

First, I can add a back side to my business card for as little as $2.99…

Doubling Your Margin

From now I can…

Add to my capacity( Up to $139.99) Refurbished to a “brilliant finish”( Additional $ 29.24) Get better newspaper inventory( Additional $ 11.24) Buy one of those fancy business card owners( Up to $8.99)

Increasing the Profit Margin

Actually before it’s all said and done I can buy…

Pens Car Door Magnets Letterhead Hats Business Card Magnets Mousepads T-shirts and on and on …

Every render is relevant. Every render is consistent with my original intent to do promotional materials for my business.

Every offer is intended to increase margin.

What’s going to happen if I start down the registration process for a $. 99 subject from GoDaddy?

First, they’ll offer to bundle the. net,. org, and. info version of the domain with the. com…



Then, they start upselling private registration, hosting, website motif, and email…

Higher Profit Margins through upsells

And it doesn’t stop there.

They’ll offer multi-year registration, search engine optimization, and social media services.

As for DigitalMarketer, we follow the purchase of my $9.95 bible about email sell with a content sequence designed to sell our $1,997 flagship email sell educate announced The Machine.

Upsell Example

Do you think obligating $1997 auctions to patrons that initially purchased a $9.95 give increases our benefit margin?

You gambled it does.

And the additional presents made by VistaPrint and GoDaddy( and every other business that understands how to increase perimeter) are where the real money is made.

These upsells, cross sells, wraps, etc. are what stimulate the costs of client acquisition worth it.

Looking to redouble your boundary?

Ask this simple question: “What else can I sell to the customers I am acquiring? ”

How to Redouble the Frequency of Purchase

Ok, hour for the last bit of the formula: Purchase Frequency.

What if you are able get customers to buy twice as often? Auctions would double.

To do that, you need constant, strategic communication.

We call it The Return Path.

The fact is that most sales don’t is available on the first stay, so without follow-up in place–you’re leaving a huge amount of sales on the table.

These are all forms of The Return Path…

Departure Volunteers: A pop up present that appears when a prospect to make efforts to outlet a page Ad Retargeting: Digital ads that establish to prospects based on their prior behaviour( Rendition: Those ads that follow you around the web after your see a web page) Automated Email Follow-Up: A tactical email sell hope that raises conducts and purchasers back to furnishes and content time and time again

This last tactic, email follow-up, is the most effective way to double purchase frequency.

Every email you cast should have one of five working purposes…

Indoctrinate: Teach them who you are Commit: Get them to buy Ascend: Get them to buy more Segment: Learn what they want to buy next Reengage/ Win Back: Reactivate disinterested subscribers

Email follow-up is so critical that we’ve organized an entire clause on building an email marketing machine here .

If you want to doubled obtain frequency–you need a Return Path.

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