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What Are Productized Services?


what are productized services?

If you try to grow your consulting or freelance receipt by purely contributing more your customers to your portfolio, you are able touched a common deterrent: Living project to project.

This kind of lifestyle isn’t sustainable for everyone, and it can be frustrating and stressful.

One solution to this problem may be productized services.

The productized works example grants agency proprietors, freelances, and consultants to break out of billing by the hour or per activity and instead debit by prepares of services that are rendered.

What Are Productized Services For?

Productized services are standardized services sold like concoctions, with clearly defined constants and pricing.

When we sketch exactly what a client will get and at what expenditure, we can market and sell this “product” many times. The purchaser is still receiving a service , now with the petitioning predictability of an off-the-shelf product.

Welfares of Productized Business for Freelancer and Consultants

Productized works allow you to grow your business and serve more clients without doing a ton of hands-on work on each project. The representation is duplicatable and needed to be need adjustments , not overhauls, from patron to patient or project to project.

Once you productize your service, you can sell it to multiple purchasers. This may allow your income to grow without drastically increasing your expenditures. You may even be able to expand your service area as it should be easier to deliver your services.

You can sell this make while busy with other projects or while making time off. If you want to bring on a few employees, you can train them to sell these pre-packaged answers for you.

Additionally, a robust portfolio of productized business could be taken over and managed by someone brand-new if you want to take a step back from being fully in charge.

So far, this may sound a lot like charging hourly, per parole, and so forth.

However, with productized services, you know exactly how much you’ll be bringing in once each project is complete. This entails less have concerns about if a piece will make hugely longer or shorter than anticipated or wondering if you should refuse a project in hopes a most lucrative one will come along.

For even more predictability, you can sell dues to your services. This causes you package and market a productized work abruptly without investing time in the development over and over again.

It could additionally eliminate remit pussyfoot, saving you experience and fund and preserving your profit per client, and often has a faster turnaround time in the long run.

Benefits of Productized Services for Your Patron

Productized services render your clients an affordable alternative to traditional service agreements, where they might be paying for one on one attention and unreliable hours. A productized service provides them with a define premium and scope of wield and the chance to choose what fits their budget.

With more service providers originating productized business every day, there are plenty of hand-pickeds available to make sure they find a solution that fits the needs and requirements. Keeping these costs down may allow them to invest more money in other aspects of their business.

Examples of Productized Service

Productized services can come in many forms and are limited simply by the imagination of the providers. Almost any service company can take its most popular furnishes and create a solution to suit most clients.

While numerous are business-to-business( B2B) solutions facilitating other business owners, this framework can also work for business-to-customer( B2C) renders.

Consider a personal trainer who can only take on so many buyers if they are booking individual hourly conferences. That same tutor could create online training sessions and approval a much higher client volume.

They may blame little for online access than personalized education, but the number of members of buyers could abruptly make up the difference. The studied could even choose to have in-person times while their online ones are occurring.

The key is to target specific needs for a particular group of clients. If you hit the mark, you may find countless customers are happy to take advantage of well-defined, pre-made work for a simple and affordable price.

Here are just a few productized business patterns from corporations making this idea work for them. Some are recurring subscriptions, with assistances delivered at regular intervals, and others are one-off commitments.

The common strand is that you’re selling the same service or work to multiple patrons, with no customization or additional part needed for each one.

Content Creation

A stretching productized assistance furnish is content creation. Once your patients realise the influence of content marketing, they may recognize this is an unwieldy task to handle in-house.

Examples of Productized Services - Content Creation

Take a look at a couple of content creation productized service companies 😛 TAGEND

Scribly offers scalable material commerce services to boost traffic and contributes. Growth Machine strategy, writes, optimizes, and then improves links to their customers’ business blogs.

Website Design

Many business owners worry about the cost of website development and forestalled or retardation development projects absolutely. A done-for-you package with a situate premium can be attractive.

Examples of Productized Services - Website Design

There are several website intend productized business 😛 TAGEND

Restaurant Engine offers website layout as a packaged service for restaurants.Landing Page in a Day is a quick-witted answer for land sheets as a productized offering.WP Quickie oversees your WordPress assignments with a substantiate hope.

Graphic Design

Productized graphic blueprint services are particularly favourite. Some business owners aren’t sure how to plan for this type of work, so they welcome a capped rate for a regulate work.

Examples of Productized Services - Graphic Design

If you’re attempt a graphic motif productized assistance, here are a couple of options to check out 😛 TAGEND

Design Pickle groceries itself as the “The# 1 Unlimited Design Service.”Limitless Designs gives you a dedicated graphic designer for a position price per date.


Software with a service( also known as SWaS) is implementing and managing an established software platform. If you provide this portion of work to patients with a repeatable process, you can sell a productized busines to support an existing software platform.

Examples of Productized Services - Software

For examples of software productized assistances, take a look at the following points 😛 TAGEND

Bench exerts its own software and endorsements patients in using it. They then succeed the bookkeeping and reporting with monthly proposes. ProcessKit Implementer is a done-with-you implemented by process-driven the projects application.


Offering your revelation and experience to those who would like to follow in your paces can be an excellent foundation for a productized service.

Examples of Productized Services - Coaching

If you’re not sure this is right to begin and need inspiration–or you’re looking to hire someone for productized coaching services–here are a couple of options:

Copyhackers coaches novelists to improve their copywriting skills and conversion skills through trends and tutorials.Boss as a Service helps you stay on track with your productivity purposes, ensuring you converge deadlines and get your work achieved.


Productized consulting services are allowing professionals to share their knowledge with a broader audience.

Examples of Productized Services - Consulting

Consulting productized services are offered by several firms, including the two below 😛 TAGEND

Ethercycle is a productized e-commerce consultancy has offered to layout and optimize Shopify places for buyers for flat rates. Dr. Alexis Shields offers an online health consultancy as a naturopathic physician to change from individual patient care to serving more people online.

Marketing/ B2B Answer

Productized marketing services and other business support services can be a wallet saver for companies who need a meagre quantity of help in a few orbits.

Here are a few more productized work themes supporting companies:

Examples of Productized Services - Marketing B2B Solutions

Boundless Labs offers full-stack e-commerce growth and email marketing.Publicize offers a brand-new coming to public relations and communications. Heroic Search offers productized SEO and link-building services. Case Study Buddy helps turn your success narratives into marketings by creating high-quality case studies.Podcast Motor offers podcast setup and revising, as well as ongoing material production.Bean Ninjas calls themselves the go-to accounting firm for e-commerce professions looking to scale.

How many of these companies are successful?

A year ago, Boundless Labs was bringing in $90,000 per month.

Scribly was recently reported to bring in $14,000 in monthly revenue.

After about a year, Growth Machine proliferated to $ 1 million in annual repeat receipt( ARR .)

These kinds of numbers are hard to ignore.

Companies with very good productized assistance makes identified gaps in the market, offered quality services priced right, and travelled big on the marketing.

Their websites immediately influence strong branding and messaging, with all the information needed to consider their provides. Intentions and packs are clearly summarized with pricing, and help is a click apart on most locates via online chat or one-click contact buttons.

How to Create a Productized Service

To create a productized busines, you need to figure out which of your services suit an readily boxed “product.”

Consider pain items you can solve for your patron. What do the majority of members of your purchasers need? What assistances do you frequently furnish with a predictable scope of project and costs?

1. Identify Your Niche

Choose a service in demand by patients that’s easy for you to deliver via a smooth and predictable process. A predictable process attains it more likely you can turn a profit, and high demand means you already know there’s a market for this service.

Ideally, you need an idea that strikes these targets that no one else furnishes fairly like you can. If a service has already been perfected by someone else your buyers could easily access, consider trying something else.

2. Develop Your Format

Next, you need to decide what format you’ll use to deliver your productized assistance. There’s a wide range of possibilities here. You is generating tracks or training sessions, furnish your ideas in a book, procreate blueprint templates, or create a website to provide your content–whatever constructs the most sense.

3. Determine the Structure

Consider how often your consumers often need this particular service. Will you give one-time support or recurring dues?

For example, if you compose logo motifs for startups, you likely want to provide one-off packages with a characterized remit of work included.

If you volunteer a funding work for reappearing needs like bookkeeping, software with a service, or content creation, consider a subscription design where clients compensate a launch amount per month.

Additionally, you need to figure out if your services are limited or unlimited. How much reinforcement will your consumer need in addition to the productized assistance?

Consider how often a ordinary patron needs your help and how much it costs to deliver. Your pricing needs to cover these costs. You may be required to tweak the pricing as you measure different options and compare your revenue and outlays.

4. Refine Your Productized Service

Once you’ve chosen your productized service, you merely need to add a listing of productized services to your website, right? Not so fast.

When you start to productize your service or expertise, there’s a lot of learning to do. You got to find your first theory doesn’t take off, but it may lead you to a better idea that will attract more clients.

You may need to consider different levels of service schedules or packets to capture your marketplace. It could take various iterations before you start seeing success, so impede testing. You also might have to try a few combinations of structure and pricing to determine your proposal indeed tempting.

Once you have a winning combination, test different ways of selling it on your website, publicizing it with paid ads, and other types of marketing. Repeat what works, and prevent refining your notion and your offer.

5. Become an Industry Expert

People buy from experts and trusted resources. Research the competitor in your niche, make sure you offer the best parcels or programmes and dig into the quality you can provide formerly clients sign up.

You too need to invest time in marketing your productized service and sharing your success as you get some makes. Collect and share client testimonials so potential clients can feel reassured they’re coming to the right place with their needs.


Once you realise there are only so many billable hours in a era, the need to grow in new ways becomes clear. Figuring out how to accuse your customers is always a challenge, but this makes the conversation to a whole new level.

While individual consulting and usage assistances may be the gold standard, countless businesses can’t absorb the cost.

Additionally, many companies don’t need this grade of service. If you can take the most common services you render and originate packaged solutions to cover most clients, you may grow more quickly.

If you’re looking to scale your business, this is a trend you shouldn’t ignore. If you aren’t sure where to start, trying to reach chat about consulting services and give us help.

How could productized assistances help you scale your business in new ways?

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